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  1. Hello, i'm saving up for my first car. My exact situation will be explained on this link( Anyway, i'm looking at a 5K jeep. I have 2k saved up but some things have come up and i'm having some financial problems. Please just take a look at the website. You can make a direct donation there. Anyone who donates, I would love for you to email me so I can give you a personal thank you.
  2. A begginers book to tao anyone?

    Thank you very very much! This should help me out a lot.
  3. I'm pretty sure i'm posting in the correct section, so please re-direct me if i'm mistaken. Anyway, I had heard of Taoism by word of mouth from a friend who engaged in an intervention with his father in China who introduced him to Taoism. I had been wandering around, searching for a religion or anything spiritualy guided at all to help guide me through life and live with more understanding and tranquility. When he described Taosim, it sounded like exactly what I was searching for. However, all I have is his word and his interpretation of it. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good reading material suitiable for someone just learning about Taoism if it's possible. Now when I say "good begginer material," I guess i'll provide a little background because good material can mean anything. I'm a sixteen year old with fair to advanced reading skills and not a ton of meaningful experiences in life as of yet. I have no one around me in which I could ask to help explain vague ideas of taoism(if there are any, I don't know ) seeing as I live in a family of chirstians and go to a school which is predominately christian. So the reading has to be an easy read in which I can decifer myself. I did see "The Tao Of Pooh" once on the, however I require something on a deeper level :3 If anyone could help, i'd be incredibly greatful.
  4. Hey :)

    Hi, i'm connor and i'm obviously a new user I'm kind of new to the concept of tao. My friend was going into a downward spiral in life, so in a desperate atempt at intervention, his family sent him to china to meet his father for the first time. A year later, he came back telling me all about tao. It made sense to me, so I looked into it as well. I can't say that either him or I know much about tao, but i'd like to learn more to improve my lifestyle. I found this website and it looked like a good palce to start So thats why I'm here.