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  1. What Have You Opened?

    this are very good questions !! usually as in most of the cases, practitioners use their mind in a ATTEMPT to mentally force open their channels, then afterwards go around thinking that its opened up till so-and-so point, tomorrow or next week i will work at opening another point or so.... again, many times WE go around living in a MENTAL BUBBLE, we THINK that my body is this-and-that, my qi is this-and-that, i like this-and-that, i dont like this-and-that you can try shutting up the ALWAYS THINKING MIND, try to FORGET about what you THINK IS HAPPENING to your body and JUST LISTEN to the truth your body is telling you, of course next you are going to sit back in your chair for 1 - 5mins and wonder why you can't hear anything i try listening too, its hard to listen when the mind keeps thinking and thinking and thinking
  2. Too much Hot energy in the Dantian

    well first of all, if your healthy with no prior health problems except this hot dantian, can consider a temporary TOTAL pause of your practise also WHO is teaching you ? or are you reading a book / from online websites if some of the replies here leave you slightly confused, might be safer not to try them :X
  3. Massage chairs and contamination

    if you can feel a icky, sticky sensation that seems like its latching on to you and you cant shake it off, i think its probably some bad energy or something.....good luck protecting yourself !
  4. Qi is NOT Energy

    i agree with several posts here, you need to know the limits of your conscious mind, what are its limits ?
  5. Stop The Klling Of Dogs In China For Food

    what a horrible experience, interesting last sentence
  6. Why I am against 'powers'

    interesting life story SFjane ! congrats on finally moving on to a better path
  7. Stop The Klling Of Dogs In China For Food

    those idiots keep on going on about how the poor dogs have feelings and souls, then have chicken + fish for lunch
  8. Age faster by training methods. Opinions?

    if a practitioner starts ageing faster then something is very wrong
  9. No Need to Eat and Drink

    yes sadly, GIANT western corporations have the money to keep flashing their advertisments and change the mindset of young consumers, who are still easily-influenced by MEDIA in general.
  10. No Need to Eat and Drink

    buddha still went around for alms (food) after enlightenment.......
  11. i edited the last line to make it funnier
  12. More on haunted houses

    could be the ghost keeping her prisoner
  13. Ghosts/Hungry Ghosts

    yeah interesting stuff...always good to know..
  14. "nobody is born perfect, it is thru choice that we patiently refine our mind" wish someone had hammered this into me while i was much younger ! years of guilt for feeling emotions i didn't want to feel