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  1. Spiritual Science

    Here is a sneak peak into the first chapter of the book: The Immaterial Physical World
  2. Spiritual Science

    Check out these great reviews from people who have bought the book! Spiritual Science Reviews
  3. Spiritual Science

  4. FINALLY, the *real* footage of moon landing!

    You definitely got that part about it being faked in a movie studio right! Jack White's Apollo Hoax Evidence Apollo Moon Hoax Videos Astronauts on Wires The Masonic Moon Landing Hoax Fake Moon Rock Given to Holland Museum by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Mars Faker - The Mars Landing Hoax
  5. Spiritual Science

    Sounds good, I'll post some relevant sections around the forum and in this thread soon. For now have a look at this promotional video I just finished. The pictures used and concepts explored are all from Spiritual Science and the books presented are among those research/quoted in the making of it. And yes, the book is just as epic as the music
  6. Spiritual Science

    Sounds like a good idea -K-, what subject would you most like to read about? Let me know and I'll post it.
  7. Spiritual Science

    Yeah, it's difficult to get yourself noticed on the internet without engaging in a bit of spamming. I wrote about Taoism and Buddhism in the book and would be willing to discuss any of the topics mentioned if there's interest. If any Tao Bums buy the book and let me know they came from here, I'd be happy to spread the wealth your way. Peace
  8. Spiritual Science

    Hey fellow Taoist monks Feel free to delete this if I'm breaking the rules, but I thought you all might appreciate this: Link to Spiritual Science My new book, Spiritual Science, almost three years in the making, is finally finished and for sale on Lulu and Amazon. Spiritual Science is 284 pages of paradigm-shattering science and mind-expanding spirituality that dares to ask and answer some of the biggest questions facing humanity: Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the purpose and meaning of life? What happens when we die? Do we have souls? Do we reincarnate? Does God exist? Is consciousness primary? Is the material world an illusion? Are we all One? And what would that mean? Spiritual Science explores and answers these and many more questions covering a wide-range of topics including quantum physics, consciousness, synchronicity, the holographic universe, morphic fields, the human energy body, psychoneuroimmunology, life force energy, the chakra and meridian systems, acupuncture, qigong, pranayama, the power of prayer, auras, psi science, telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, out of body experiences, near death experiences, entheogens, death, ghosts, reincarnation, God, Oneness and much more. I personally read over 150 books and spent hundreds of hours researching and writing to complete this one-of-a-kind metaphysical treatise. I'm really excited about and proud of this book and confident that you will feel the same.
  9. They're at it again! Chile Earthquake Caused by HAARP Weapon
  10. Proof Haiti Earthquake Caused by HAARP Weapon

    Hey Drew. I meditate daily, but haven't done any of the temple courses or anything. I have friends who have done things like the 10 day silent group meditation sessions and loved them... I guess I'm not quite that hard-core yet How about you? Been to Thailand or done any monastery stints? Peace ~Eric
  11. Proof Haiti Earthquake Caused by HAARP Weapon

    No, that'd be like using a tire pressure gauge to check whether or not your tire was flat.
  12. The evidence is pretty conclusive. Check out the info/videos in the link:
  13. Alex Jones' masterpiece documentary Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama came out yesterday. Please, for yourselves and for humanity, watch this film - it contains some of the most important, pertinent information to understanding what's happening in our world today. Follow this link: Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency. President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body. A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet. A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery. The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan. This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice. ~Eric