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  1. Is it the Tao?

    Thank you so much for moving my post and for emailing me about it. Thank you deci belle. I have tried to understand Taoism before, and it isn't easy, and so I have given up in the past. I ordered two of the most popular books and am waiting for them. I fear that they will be clear as much. But maybe that is okay because seeds sprout in mud.
  2. Is it the Tao?

    Thank you. I understood the tree growing into the boundless sky towards the energy of the sun.
  3. Is it the Tao?

  4. Is it the Tao?

    i wish i understood the i ching. i looked up hexagram 46 but didn't understand it. thanks for the post.
  5. Is it the Tao?

  6. Tao 101 - If you could recommend only ONE book ...

    which are the best translations of these three for understanding and beauty in writing: Tao Te Ching Chuang Tzu Lieh Tzu
  7. What did Lao Tzu teach

    Thank you. what is Hun Yuan Yi Qi Zhang? is this qu gong? That is the only practice that I can actually see doing if this is what you are talking about. Seems easier than Tai Chi, which I have done in the past. I tend to think that Marblehead and some others are correct since I have been through much of Lao Tzu's writtings to see what is taught. What he says that I understand, make sense, and it is not filled with talks of spirits, exercises, diet, etc.
  8. What did Lao Tzu teach

    Did Lao Tzu teach these: Meditation Tai Chi Qi Gong About spirits Hygiene religion rituals diet if not how did they come into his teachings?
  9. Liberation?

    Dr. Margaret Singer was a therapist that lived in Berkeley and many of her cases were people that had devefloped emotional problems due to meditation. She dealt with these types of cases for 50 years and wrote a book on cults, and then some chapters on meditation. It was her belief that meditating was beneficial and not harmful unless you had joined a cult. But I have listened to people who were not in cults and had problems, but then you have to define what a cult is. Also, many that develop problems have also been on long retreats. As far as her finding that meditation causes people to be untruthful, I could not find that in her book just now, but I may have read it elsewhere. Still I don't believe that meditation would cause people to be dishonest, that seems like a farce when I think about it.

    Maybe I should not say this, so with a start like that, I won't.
  11. karma and original sin

    Has anyone read the book, Pagan Christs by John Mackinnon? It is interesting that throughout history, even before Jesus Christ "died for our sins" there were many other Christs that died for our sins long before he even arrived on the scene. They were sacrificed as well. So how original was that?
  12. New Here

    Thanks, it really looks good and the reviews are great. I will order it.
  13. New Here

    Thank you, whish is the easiest to understand? While I would not wish to pay $65 for the book it would be good to have a book instead of trying to read one online. I also have The Tao of Physics, but only because I used to clean frijof capra's house when i was in college. Should try to read it. I also have The Gentle Path of Spriitual Progress by Ni, Hua Ching, and while many of the things that he writes about are good, I was offended by his comments about homosexuality because I believe it to be genetic and feel that all humans should have equal rights, even in religion. And so I can imagine what a homosexual would feel upon reading this, because if I am offended they would be more so. There were some other things that I can't accept, such as spirits, but that doesn't mean that they are not real. Was this always a part of Taoism? Was alchemy always a part of Taoism? Meditation? Religion?
  14. Liberation?