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  1. Negative Ion Generators

  2. Negative Ion Generators

    Good day, fellow Bums. I've recently been reading Daniel Reid's The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, in which he states that negative ions carry qi. (For those who have the book and want a reference: It's page 147.) He further states that negative ions in the air are destroyed by air-conditioning, central heating, and closed spaces; and that this is why office and factory workers are exhausted at the end of their day (relative to someone who works outside in a field, where the negative ion concentration is presumably higher). Do you use a negative ion generator? If so, what have your experiences been with it, and do you have any such products you would recommend? Thank you kindly. Ming-Kuan
  3. Ask Lin: What is proper meditation?

    Lin Shifu, thank you for sharing. I found this a bit strange. (I've never been to China.) Getting all dressed up to go to a fast-food restaurant ... ? But I am glad you were able to set down so much and learn from Xuan Hua Shang Ren.
  4. Ron Paul

    I hope that Paul wins, but, as others have said/suggested, there are many powerful people out there who hate his guts and are doing their best to see that he won't get elected. QmIHlomF7hs
  5. Questioning the Path (article re-named)

    Lin Zi, The article was good -- very good! I said it before, but I will say it again: You write words straight as arrows. *deep bow* May you keep to the Way, as I know you will. I send my blessings.
  6. Coming to NY in Jan-Feb (already passed)

    I can't make it, even though I'd love to do some Old School cultivation.... No heaters in winter, no A/C in summer -- that's the way to train.
  7. Short Video on Mudra

    When I clicked the play button, a message appeared saying that the video was no longer available.
  8. Three Hearts of Cultivation

    Lin Shifu Writes words straight as arrows. Hands as bow, Mind as archer.
  9. Buddha speaks!

    "Answer" (?): That which asks, sees a field to work upon. Koan: Which koans have no answer? I am a true thief on this board.
  10. Smoking

    When you snatch away the hungry man's "food," you free him from hunger forever. When you drive away the plowman's oxen, you make his crops abundant. Simply sit with the craving, bring breath to mind, and understand that none of it -- whether craving, non-craving, breath, or mind -- can be said to be real.
  11. Nothing to Reveal

    >> bows << To whom does the emptiness reveal nothing to tell?
  12. max and the SF kunlun workshop

    Hundun, I am greatly appreciative of your bringing another perspective to all this, and for doing it with such incisiveness and candor. I was curious: What is the exact nature of Max's connection(s) to the Masons?
  13. I figured It Out

    A bodhisattva, as far as I know from reading about Buddhism, has developed great compassion, even for animals. How could such a one (via food choice, or any other way, for that matter) support the killing of animals for food?
  14. Second Earth

    What were the "first two earths"?
  15. I figured It Out

    Wait.... how is it that he eats meat, yet he is a Bodhisattva reincarnate?