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  1. Eva Wong Qigong training

    Does anyone have a reference to this supposed claim of Moy, Lin-Shin: The 'Xiantian Wuji' Sect is the line her late teacher - Moy Lin Shin - claimed (falsely) to be lineage holder. As far as Mr. Sun is concerned, I'm only aware of students, at least in the west, who learned liu he ba fa, xing-yi and ba gua and possibly tai chi sword and sabre forms from him. If anyone has any other footage or links to video clips of him, I would be very interested to see them. TIA, Doug
  2. Just Arrived

    Hi everyone. My name is Doug Nettleton. I've primarily joined the group, so I may post some questions related to a thread I discovered here mentioning: Moy, Lin-Shin, Eva Wong, and Sun, Di(t). I was Mr. Moy's student from 1975-1977 and from 1983 until his death. Regards, Doug