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  1. Taoist Podcast or Audio

    Thank You
  2. Taoist Podcast or Audio

    Does anyone know of where i can listen to or download Audio teachings on Taoism. Thank you Much
  3. Why Taoism is different

    Vajrahridaya your concept/lable MONIST cannot embody that which i am or am not. Mental MASTURBATION Ejaculates the TEN THOUSAND THINGS but not Mindullness of TAO NOW NOW NOW
  4. Why Taoism is different

    Tao-ISM cannot be what it is not wich is a mental construct, a practical "spiritual" science or way of thinking and being that aligns one with the INDESPRIBABLE TAO. TAO is CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, JUHAHISM, BUDDHISM, ecetera ecetera. US -vs- them is Illusionary Taoism. TAO not TAOISM it is only different is the sense that to each and every practitioner in accordance with their own internal and external conditionings, past and present will in innumerable ways practice and relate. Tiller of the Soil
  5. Greeting

    Hello everyone i would enjoy making friends with Persons aspiring to live according to the Tao. Does anyone know of any sites that offer Free podcast about Taoism? Thank you