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  1. Thankyou

    Hi I am new to the site despite joining years ago, this is my first post. I am no one going no where looking for some companionship on the way.
  2. Hello New Member

    Thanks everyone I am getting a feel for the "way" of this site. Thanks I will read your post with interest.
  3. Why Taoism is different

    Yes I too tried that and it can be said about me as Churchill said about America during the war (please no offence my US mates) You can be sure they will do the right thing, after they have done everything else. I believe that without compassion and kindness we can not truely experience all the world has to offer. Yet I agree I only know this after trying most everything else.I found through trying to live a virtuous life I am less seperate and more connected to everyone and thing, less seperate.
  4. Hello New Member

    Hi Everyone, not sure what this forum is like, active , quiet withdrawn controlled. But I am here ot find out. Interested in making connections with like minded people following the dao.