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  1. Dr Wilson Yong?

    Could anyone please be kind enough to comment on the legitimacy of Dr Wilson Yong, purveyor of A daobums search reveals a couple of broadly positive comments over the years, but you can’t get more overt criticism than this site: Many thanks in advance
  2. Dr Wilson Yong?

    Thank you very much for sharing your opinions, very much appreciated.
  3. Ben Lo DVD

    Hi I wondered if anyone would be so kind as to help me obtain a copy of this and ship to the UK? Please PM if you can help many thanks in advance
  4. curing ME

    I have been disabled with M.E for the past 7 years. I recommend that you visit and also the private doctor I have visited in the UK but has plenty of information on the site and a book you can download free: the forums here are very active, divided into topics and very helpful: Qigong wise - the Flying Phoenix DVDs have been useful as has gentle Tai Chi ruler sets I hope this is a start - I have extensive experience of many varied and expensive treatments so PM if you want more info...
  5. Dayan (Wild Goose Qigong)

    I would certainly recommend finding a teacher if you intend to learn Wild Goose Qigong. I have Dr. Bingkun Hu's DVDs and the first 2 encompass 128 moves to memorise. You also require quite a large space to practise this form. The supplementary DVDs are shorter but still good. I believe there are many levels beyond the DVD series. I have practised the first 128 move form for two years and while I don't experience the accumulation of energy of other forms it is very invigorating, including the stretching and stimulatiuon of merdians and jumping/shaking. The DVDs are also available to download as well as hard copy.
  6. Hi I'm new on the forum and my first post is to ask for help which i guess is a bit cheeky but here goes: I have been disabled with CFS for 5 years and have tried almost everything I can think of this includes: Environmental Medicine/Allergy desensitization EFT NLP TCM inc acupuncture Bowen Reflexology Reiki An endless list of expensive supplements Various diets including candida regimes My symptoms are extreme fatigue and meningitis like fevers/delirium that lasts weeks on end. I practice qigong when i can but this has had no affect in 3 years. I really feel like I need "jump starting" and as i live in a remote part of Northern England and find travel difficult I would really appreciate any suggestions re any new ideas / reputable healers / distant healing many many thanks in anticipation
  7. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    again thanks for all the suggestions all very much appreciated
  8. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    thanks for all your help i will definitely be researching the meditation and the Dr Wang website looks very interesting thanks for all your effort
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    that's a very moving article thanks. Yes Lightning Process and Reverse Therapy I have had Mitochondrial function tests which show i am only operating at 5% efficiency. Also my cell free DNA levels are similar to someone undergoing chemotherapy which indicates my body is actually attacking itself, hence the fever. My Doctor, Sarah Myhill has said these are in the worse 5 tests whe's ever seen which led me to consider some form of energy work/healing thanks again for your help
  10. New from Yorkshire, England

    Hi I am new to forums but felt inspired to join by the many uplifting articles. I've practised both Dayan and Zhan Zhuang Qigong and look forward to meeting lots of interesting minds