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  1. Sifu Jenny Lamb, Bay Area, Oct 16-18th

    Still a couple of spaces left for Sifu Jenny Lambs 3 day workshop Oct 16-18th, Bay Area, Ca. Please go to events page for further information Thank you
  2. Sifu Jenny Lamb, Bay Area, Oct 16-18th

    We still have a couple spaces left for Sifu Jenny Lambs 2 day workshop in the Bay Area.
  3. Dr Sha?

    I have seen Dr Sha in action and while I can say that yes he does facilitate a strong energy coming through it is not what he thinks. He does inspire people and assist people to heal themselves, even though he seems to wish to take the credit. He constantly repeats how HE has made his followers, some of them who have paid a LOT of money, healers. It seems that yes indeed they do believe that it is through their alliance with Dr Sha that they now have the abilities they have, yet they did not seem to work for these abilities themselves, so it seems that what the master gives the master can take away. The impression he gives is spirituality in multi level marketing, kinda like a Tony Robbins spiritual kinda setting, if you can imagine that. YET, he does inspire a lot of people and guess what not everybody is ready to take full responsibility for their growth, they prefer to give that to others and Dr Sha is filling that void for quite a pretty penny. Because I was fascinated with the evening I interviewed quite a few of his followers. All of them had karma cleansings, a 1 minute process that costs close to $1,000, some had good experiences afterwards, some not so good. As I said yes he is working with strong energies, I saw what they were, the veil was lifted from my eyes. So if you are called to see him and study with him, why not, just have discernment and keep your eyes and heart open and learn all there is to learn. I choose not to continue my studies with him and yet did see how he was inspiring others.
  4. Hello

    I am new to the forum. Happy to be there Thanks