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  1. Hello friends. I joined this website out of fear. (Go figure.) I am new to meditation, and the sensations have been so intense I fear I am either doing something entirely wrong and am going to go insane, or that I am moving too quickly and am going to somehow hurt myself. The problem is, it happens every time I meditate, and it is getting worse. Bascially, a pressure fills my head. Tonight, meditating alone, I focused on a chakra, and the pressure in my head began to fill up like usual. Then, my head began to shake violently and tears came to my eyes. I tried to stick with it, and ride it out, but afterwards the experience was so bizarre I felt more isolated from my fellow man than ever. Because I am new to meditation, I do not know what I am experiencing. I don't feel comfortable having my head violently shake in group meditation, and no one seems to know what I am talking about. Instead of finding peace, I am feeling isolated and afraid in my experience. Any ideas? Thank you, Lauren
  2. Namaste

    Hello friends. I am honored to be here. I am new to meditation, and because the path has already been so bizarre, I am seeking further information here. I will have many questions to come. Lauren