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  1. 3 souls 7 spirits

    Sorry I have give quick response. Hun and Po are apart of the Heart-mind(xin), that is birthed from the Trinity or some times called Binary soul aka Vesica Pisces. The hell part is a Buddhist influence as there are no hells in Taoism just different Heavens. Most of the Buddhist and Confucian influence was all about anti yin earth or women. They even said that the energy body was all yang and that was the goal. Like you can ever divorce the two. Reincarnation was another Buddhist influence. The Taoist and also western mystery schools have a concept of micro and macro cosmos as well and the concept of over souls (large collectives) Aka all things have souls. So you can connect with the soul essences or Jing Chi Shen of your knee and ask it to heal its self and you can provide the unconditional love that it needs or the allowance for change. Feng Shui is a an art for the dead, if your ancestors rest well then they will influence you in a positive manor. The bones/jing of the dead still resonate strong with there living relatives. I would read these.
  2. First there was Alchemical Taoism, the Alchemical Taoists hypocritically where anarchists yet at the same time wished to control the info and process. Thus the people having little tools for self empowerment(embodiment of the Tao) or inner guidance they demanded outer guidance and the market for Taoist/Buhdist religions and Confucianism was born. Same happened in the west but possibly a slight more Elitists taste to it. Most religions are groupings of common folk cults and shamanism, with just enough Alchemy for the priest to play with. Hope my perspective helped.
  3. Sun Worship

    What most like Jordan Maxwell are pointing out is that Christianity like most major world religions are a grouping of older traditions and stories edited together. There is a heavy Greek influence in Christianity so you have worship of Christos the Sun logos or western immortal. Was Jesus the sun immortal? Allot of humans got deified like Asclepius the archetypal image for Jesus. Thats why he looks like a white Greek guy instead of . Satan is the collective darkness around all our hearts. Lucifer represents the empowering of humanity with outer and inner technology, but its negative aspect is mainly represented by todays over use of outer technology/alchemy, Fuxi could be considered Lucifer of Asia. Hope that helps.
  4. You heard it here first

    Children are great teachers/mirrors and can speed your process. The primordial gave birth to the yin and yang and the yin and yang gave birth to the primordial in the form of yuan shen, chi, jing. So remember we often give birth to our parents. Parenting is the highest virtue. Good luck. Congrats.
  5. My impression was that the practices in his view where producing false yang. Not enough neutral space for water and fire to find balance, this also relates to time(aka how fast or slow- past and future integration). In this around 55:00 minutes Valery Uvarov also talks about this.
  6. Can We Transcend Lust?

    Just to clarify my personal perspective on lust is that it is a condition of un grounded sexual energy and often excess yang(often driving one to search out yin to balance) other ways this can play out in the five elements. At first I would recommend inner smile practice, microcosmic orbit and progression through iron shirt 1 & 3. You may also feel healing sounds & fusion practices important to release, recycle, and return emotions no longer serving you. Such as chronic guilt and anger. In grounding you may find ancestral issues related to the sexual polarity between your female and male ancestry. That should be a great start. Sorry if I repeated any one I did not read all the posts. Check out
  7. I want to find a nice Ting Sha Gong set and a singing bowl any help in this would be appreciated. I found this site and they have bowls made with seven metal? Thanks in advance.
  8. Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae

    This area is often very block from all the lying we do and the kundalini(serpent) or jing(dragon) turning into shen(phoenix) can not get through, after awhile you get a hunch back, also important is the jade pillow or cerebellum. I use the micro cosmic orbit as well as other practices to clear this area. It is a very powerful focal point, and smiling from this center to some one us wish to harmonize with is very powerful. It can also be missed used thus this point is often missing in western alchemical tree of life. But the point I believe is call Da'at.
  9. Ascended Masters

    I think you might enjoy this book it gives a nice over view along with practices if you like. Shows how western/Atlantien Alchemy develops a soul star and brings this down cooking the jing, it is a top down approach.
  10. Ascended Masters

    These are western immortals. Some are what in the west they call logos like the sun logos Christ. The sun is an immortal being that embodies in all sorts of forms just to give you an idea.
  11. A Warning

    Most ancient or even just old cultures west to east considered money or current-sea to be related to the water element as well as jing. One could spend jing and emotional energy on all sorts of activities Taoists choose to put there inner wealth toward spiritual evolution same with there outer wealth. If a pure trade and barter system were to arise again I am sure taoist would adapt but still this would not be "free" but a win win sharing. You would not want to be parasitic would you?
  12. Fu healings

    Here is a talisman made for me by a Taoist monk on Huashan Mountain. If some one could translate it that would be wonderful. Are the folds done in a special way as well?
  13. DNA Activation

    My understanding of the ancient way of viewing this in the west is that there are not twelve strands of physical jing dna but 12 levels used as a teaching tool to describe what in reality is like multi dimensional clouds floating in and out of each other. Most of the ancient legends tell of the first cooking of humanity coming from energies from the pleiadians often called the seven sisters, they helped humanity integrate into the physical world later cookings of humanity came from lumaria which is associated with the the seven eighth and ninth levels the last three is the sacred trinity the holy of holies. Thats what I can remember. Hope that helps.
  14. cosmic heart spiral of love and shengzhen

    Michael Winn uses some of the forms from his Kuan yin form in his fundamentals class. The transmission of inner smile I found to be the important part. Jesus sitting Gigong mixed with inner smile nei gong from Michael I have found to be very powerful. Like turbo said I would select one form or pieces of forms and work it, to many forms will split your focus and chi. I would also recommend live study. He is truly a beautiful person.
  15. Obama's birth certificate

    Natal Haxagram for Barack Obama based on his birth certificate. Hexagram 25, INNOCENCE THUNDER Inner Hexagram is 52, KEEPING STILL MOUNTAIN over MOUNTAIN Resultant Hexagram 17, FOLLOWING LAKE over THUNDER