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  1. Getting Polyphasic by Easter

    Hello again Tao bums! I too somehow reached Steve's polyphasic blog..after eagerly reading the whole thing, I suspected at least one of the TOBs have tried it! apparently I was right(: I'm still researching the whole thing, so far it looks facinating! Hard but doable if you put your mind to it..I'm more worried about the health risks involved, and whether you need those deeper sleep stages or not.. To me it seems like we go against nature - ie: if your mind goes to those stages then you probably should. . Also I've read that these deeper stages of sleep are important for healing and building muscle mass (although Steve seemed to do fine without them..) I'm also Vegan and mostly raw (like Steve) and he says it should be easier for vegans since your body needs to spend much less time and energy on digestion ... so what do you guys think? any of you tried it since then? Cheers! Yair
  2. Flowfit is available

    Thanks man, I'm working on it(: cheers!
  3. Flowfit is available

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure I got your meaning correctly though, do you have to get to level 4 before you combine them into a flow? How many repetitions do I do when I do them individually? Do you still practice it 3 times a week? Thanks again!
  4. Flowfit is available

  5. Witch's "Orgasmic Diet"

    Crack IS vegan isn't it??
  6. Witch's "Orgasmic Diet"

    Thanks for the link! It had some useful information..(especially regarding the cooked Vs raw debate) I will probably get some vegan DHA suppliment..I found 2 good options: * 300 DHA a day using the Zen-3 or * 270 DHA + 75 EPA a day using v-pure ( (the 2nd option is about 40% more expensive..) it is still a long shot towards reaching the 1000-2000 recommended by witch but it's better than nothing right?
  7. Witch's "Orgasmic Diet"

    Did it? How come? I take B12 (1000mg under tongue, twice a week). and regarding Calcium I (hope) I get more than the average meat eater..lots of veggies have Calcium, and I eat Tehina (made out of sesame butter) having about 850mg of calcium for a 100g.. I try my best to be a healthy Vegan..still working on it though..
  8. Witch's "Orgasmic Diet"

  9. Seven Decreases and Eight Increases:

    I AM a "health freak" by all means, and many others that walk the "conventional path" would say we are just making our lives more complicated, but still, if I would think about "not drinking cold liquid after sex because my qi would get stuck somewhere" I'd just get dehydrated and die(: (maybe then will I finally reach the much sought after "enlightment"?) Alcohol is another issue.. sex while intoxicated would probably be one of the unlisted seven decreases(: No offence or anything, just my 2 cents
  10. Hello to all Toa Bums!

    Thanks for the welcome committee.. It looks like an interesting place indeed(:
  11. Hello to all Toa Bums!

    G'day to you all! My background of Taoism is probably pretty timid compares to most of you.. I've discovered the tradition/religion about 6 years ago..I somehow heard about the unique sexual Toaist practices, became interested and bought 2 books by Master Mantak Chia: 1. Transform Stress Into Vitality 2. Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy I also own and liked Benjamin Huff's "The Tao of Pooh".. Anyway, since I was just reading books without meeting other people who practice it, I lost my "faith" in it and wasn't sure it's the right and healthy thing to do.. Also I was never sure about how well I do the exercises/meditations and what I was suppose to be feeling.. Lately I became interested in it again..and started practicing again (I watched about 6 hours of DVD listening to Master Mantak Chia explain the "microcosmic circle meditation"..) but I'm still not entirely sure about the path.. I came here looking for answers.. Thanks for reading thus far(: The researcher