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  1. To The New Taoist

    Howdo I find a teacher, master closer to me. Does anyone have the willingness to take me on. Where do i Start. What do you need to know about me in order to help me. I have read several books on toaism, and need to practice this in my life.
  2. What is Suffering?

    Thank you for all this good information as for me I agree with most all on suffering, and to limit our desires will help but we still have to deal with our expectations regardless we have them. If you dont understand what Im saying please forgive me very knew to this and still learning so plese help me.
  3. hello

    hello im very knew to this. Over the last few months i have been trying to read all i can on this. Im at a place in my life where there was allways doubt about what I truely believed and this made it simple. I want to no more practice it live it and really understand it. I live in akron ohio dont have a teacher or know where to start so any help i will accept.