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  1. have i understood you badly?I do feel the whole world and everything in it to be sacred.I have never charged for any teaching so that fits your belief.
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    hi quick intro i am 56, male, a londoner with basque parents........started qi work more than 30 years ago practising aikido but in truth moved no qi nor did my teachers........but it led me to a more serious daily practice 11 yeaqrs ago first tai chi then qigong .......normally outside under a tree........this last 4 years in the lunar circle on millfields park in hackney london.( this circle is 13 london plane in a circle about 100 feet accross with a triangle of oaks inside planted about 120 years ago its a sacred spot)from 8.30 to 10.15 .i start my practice with a sanscrit chant light incense and check the circle.then i call all beings. i call all beings that can hear my voice or feel my vibration from any nation ............or none come now................... be very welcome let us touch the earth touch the sky together let us touch breath together this breath x3 on the final call i add this breath .there is no other i get some very strange connections !its full on some days........i'm not the only nutter in hackney! in the winter i like to go to a warmer clime it gets cold in london which brings me to my question does anyone know of a teacher of internal arts (i wont practice any fighting tecniques any more not even pushing hands i like to think i can let go the bad attitude i meet...........its worked so far) in a warm country in the northern winter(i.e from october on) that they could recommend.............i can go anywhere in the world for a few months. can anybody help?..any ideas very welcome and naturally if you are in east london all beings are welcome in the circle; email me if you want to know for sure if i or other practictioners will be there. also thanks for the forum i have been looking in for a while and expect to join in the chat soon.trying not to forget that the dao that can be spoken is a spell broken....and that my opinions are just that opinions .its a while since i understood that the more i realise the less i know. still the more i practice the luckier i get no doubt many of you will have noticed the same effect.