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  1. Kunlun Answer Bag

    in what forum did Max recommend it?
  2. Kunlun Answer Bag

    Hey guys, hello again I started I-Jong posture wow that something . I bounce real strong after some minutes especially my left leg, which seemed unresponsive during initial Kunlun level 1. after that tried five elemenst which seemed more s,lent and balancing but I am so new to this so my comments and experiences might well change even by days. One question here: During I_Jong posture I bend my knees, a little opening outwards. When I do five elemets , do I have to maintain the angle(bent knees) or simply stand in normal way. Asking this because if I maintain, I continue to bounce and shake. Is this better or nor I do not know but tiring definitely for another at least 40 so minutes needed for five elements. On the other hand , when standing straight(legs) in normal posture, I feel I lam locking the joints which is told to be avoided in the book. BTW No more diminishing of energy after 35 minutes though still I cant do for 1 hour , too tired after initial postures(and impatience:) thanks Another question Anybody heard or used Egyptian healing rods in combination with Kunlun. I do know from internet a Kunlun instructor who uses this with Kunlun. Normally I am not into external forms but like in alchemy or crystals, IMO, they may quite be useful providing not to get lost or attached. I felt the same familiar thing(tt it isuseful)with the rods that's why I am asking.Also I remember there is a warning about practicing other forms which might be very dangerous and unhealthy when practicing Kunlun, don t know rods would be or not in this respect. thank you.
  3. Kunlun Answer Bag

    Has my hearing or senses amplified? perhaps a bit but not 10 fold.not particularly. However I can safely say the beating is much calmer than it is felt yet again there is an intensity to an extent.Most of the time a pulsation on belly button after level 1 and in the head, at the spine or other areas during the day. I have had some cancers,sores inside my mouth when started Kunlun and they quicky disappeared. good to mention because this ailment though seems minor is so common among all people and no quick cure or its causes have been found in modern medicine.
  4. Kunlun Answer Bag

    intense beating yes after practice. I kinda test myself; stmes continue other times close down.Thx. haven't started five elements yet but will, starting with I-Jong posture which I assume is important.bouncing a side effect should be of course. bliss is a real strong word for me at the moment all I feel energy and strong pulses..can't really say I am a seeker of bliss too(understanding bliss in my own way-though I wont say No on the way!) thx anyway for guidance.
  5. Kunlun Answer Bag

  6. introooo

    Hi dear brothers and sisters, firstly, thank you for creating such a place for sharing and to those who contribute. I am a simple 32 yrs old guy whose I believe predominant element is air, who always seeks freedom. no clinging to any teaching whatsoever, I learn and move on or combine with others and go on.. I am for the time being interested in Kunlun nei gong and have been so in Alchemy (in my own way) for some time. Hope to share love and kindness after all what matters more beyond complexity of discussions. best