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  1. Kuji-In -The Nine Buddhist Hand Seals

    Hello, I practice this related to my long-term ninjutsu practice. We have never used Chinese mantra. What we use (and what I believe is generally used) are Japanese pronounciations of the Sanskrit. This may be what is causing the confusion. So that the sanskirt -Om Vajramanataya Swaha- becomes -On bai shi ra man ta ya sowaka- All nine seals utilize San Mitsu (sanmitsu), trans. as "three things". all three elements must be recruited to focus the whole being: Body (mudra) Sound (mantra) and Mind (jumon). This is essential and also found in other traditions (but not often pointed out in the teachings). Tao uses it so much. i.e. 6 healing sounds. ...And if you -expand sound/mantra to include breath, -expand body/mudra to include stance & movement and -expandmind/jumon to include visualizations and the mind leading chi/energy, this can describe so many Taoist practices, from T'ai Chi to Neigong. I am thinking lately that it can be used as a lens to view all Tao practices, but I'm not sure. Still ruminating on that. Disclaimer: I am not an intellectual, historian or philosopher, just a practitioner. Another Disclaimer: Although I've trained Ninjutsu for 13 years now, I do not belong to Bujinkan, Genbukan or any organization... and do not care about comparing them or comparing ninjutsu to other arts... it's a very personal investigation and cultivation and I've never found such comparisons to be helpful. Hope this helps. Regards, Miranda
  2. Hello (again?)

    I registered a while back, but may not have posted my hello. Sorry for lurking so long -- even if done unintentionally. so... "hi" Miranda