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  1. Jeff Primack

    Thanks for the compliment I was really going into uncharted waters trying to animate "qi". There is really no tangible reference to go of and it was the first project of it's kind that I had done. I did my best and I think it came out OK especially that it was made on a home computer and not in a major studio. As a tool for teaching I think the animations are effective. I didn't film the first two level just edited and animated. The level three disc I animated, filmed and edited and that one I feel really showcases my style. Oh yeah and it's in "bluray" My current projects are documentaries based in an effort to perpetuate and preserve Hawaiian Culture. As well as a strictly sound and animation based meditation experience. More of a lightly controlled journey then a deeply guided journey, but the visuals I am working on are pretty powerful. I also run a school in the Big Island teaching media arts and high end production to the Native Hawaiian Children and the people of Hawaii. Teaching and children is truly my passion. But my real plan for the future is a family, I have been with my wife for about 9 years she is my everything and we are ready to bring a life into this world. aloha - Adam
  2. Jeff Primack

    Well folks I might need to introduce myself. I was the producer that animated and edited all of Jeff's Qigong DVD's. I also toured with him for over 3 years and spent months with him in my house for at least 10 hours a day. I recorded and mastered all his meditation discs and I designed all the graphics on his products as well as his website I have gone deep with Jeff, got high with Jeff, cried with Jeff and many other exciting, fun, painful, interesting experience with this "Qigong Master" A few observations I have made over the years. 1. Jeff knows his form very well and he developed it 2. He developed it by watching and training with masters then he pieced together what he liked in to his own form, I know he didn't get permission from these masters but Jeff is very American - free country 3. Jeff has though directly taken knowledge and then sold it as his own "Food healing DVD" I own an exact copy done by Dr Wu, Jeff just redid Dr Wu's DVD with him saying all Wu's knowledge. There is still bad energy with the Wu family and Jeff to this day. 4. Jeff advertises about non-profit and giving back, yet he has made MILLIONS of dollars and not donated 1 penny to any worldly, child, or medical cause. But he does drive a new car, has a condo overlooking the ocean in Miami, and just bought a million dollar property in Hawaii so he can retire nicely. 5. Jeff is not one to speak about TANTRA or the human relationship I know first hand about his record with women, not good I will leave it that. 6. He does not practice this "all is one" peace love vibe that you find strategically marketed throughout his company, actually 90 percent of his employees from the last 5 years have quite working for him due to unfair treatment and extreme disrespect 7. He does not just drink smoothies and eat healthy, I have seen him eating Nacho's, french fries, ice cream. 8. He takes what he wants when he wants, other musicians, photographers, and videographers like myself have had many problems with him illegally taking music, video, or pictures and just using without permission and without giving credit. I settled out of court to avoid bringing any public humiliation to him. So in closing yes Jeff has positively effected a bunch of people but he has also hurt and taken advantage of a bunch. In his heart I feel he has good, unfortunately his obsession with making money has taken over his life. Remember he is not a Dr, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist or any other certified healer or educator but he does however have a degree in Business and has attended many programs and seminars on how to effectively make money and market products. As a business man he is ultra successful and in our economic crisis he still convinces thousands of people to spend hundreds of dollars on his classes and materials. Way to go Jeff. P.S. if you're reading Jeff aloha it's your old friend Adam - I wasn't going to write on here but when I read your responses Jeff I couldn't hold back. Take it with a grain of salt, it's only one mans opinion.
  3. introducing Adam

    Aloha all, I am here to talk, share, learn, and shed some light. Instructional Video Producer/Adam Palumbo