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  1. Basic stupid question of the day

    That was good, but no, that's not it. It's a hierachy rank system, rules of discipleship. The Taoist priest is at the top as the 'Tao Sifu'. Next is Sifu. Then Fujai, with a Tao Ma beneath him. An interesting note, probably unrelated. In Muslim stuff, Fujai was a devoted loyal companion to Muhammad.
  2. Basic stupid question of the day

    Actually, I can't. I've only seen it written in English and spoken.
  3. What's a "Tao Ma" (or "Dao Ma" if you prefer)?
  4. Harmful Taoism?

    1. What happens when taoists don't walk the talk? What's the oversight when a Taoist priest is a selfish, vain, materialistic liar, full of ego and pride? What does one 'do' about potentially harmful Taoist "teachers" and teachings? 2. What's the appropriate dignified respectful response to Taoist missionarism? 3. What age of child is reasonable to instruct in Taoism? The instruction is outside of family, we are not Taoists, I don't have a clear idea of why or what. 4. If I were to allow this, what questions would I ask to screen the teachings and teacher?
  5. Virtue is...

    So, what happens when a taoist is the opposite? Is there "consequence" when a taoist intentionally dissembles, cheats, is discourteous, and generally exhibits behaviours contrary to taoist practice?
  6. Intro

    New here. Don't know much about Taoism and looking. Thanks for sharing this forum.