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  1. Hello

    The number has popped up in my life in strange ways and I found some posts on this sight about it so I wanted to add my story and perhaps gain some insight.
  2. The Tao Of Chaos

    I wish I knew. I have been searching for the answers everywhere and have yet to come to a clear answer. Maybe I never will. My first intuition is that it was coming from a higher power and my deeper self. I am completely torn between whether it comes from a state of good or evil. Was I being warned or was I apart of a bigger picture that I needed to pay attention to? 3 is the number of truth and I have pondered that quite a bit. But like you I also found 333 in the writings of Aleister Crowley and it freaked me out somewhat. Have you had any new insight on that number and its appearance in your life?
  3. The Tao Of Chaos

    I found this on google and then had to sign up just to tell you about my experience. Where to begin? Back in 2003 I began dating an extremely amazing man. Magical in a sense, he seemed to posses other worldly qualities about himself. He was just completely unlike anyone I have ever met. One October night in 2004 while staying at his house I woke right up. The clock was right in my face and it was 3:33. I thought nothing of it and slowly went to sleep. The next night at home in my own bed I again woke right up and stared straight ahead at my clock, 3:33. The next day I thought that it was odd and told him about it and we shrugged it off. Over the next two months it became alarming. I would wake up constantly at 3:33. And like you, it would be everywhere. The bus infront of me, the total of my latte, etc. I have always had amazing intuition and something told me there was something big going on. It drove me crazy. I didn't know what to do as I was certain anyone I talked to would think I was nuts. Then it happened. Three months after it all started he was killed in an avalanche. I had heard about the avalanche mid day and the helicopters flew over my house. My heart immediatley sunk(he was an avid skier and it was his day off, I knew he would be out there and in the back country). I started sending him text messages hoping it wasn't him. After no reply I sped up to the mountain and sure enough there was his truck surrounded by news crews. It was unreal. After a few days went by I looked at the text messages I had sent and the last one went through at 3:33! As if that wasn't enough I took over his job a couple months later and my paychecks were $843.33 (salary). True story! I still have flare ups of the 3:33, but not in the same alerting way. I still don't know what it was all about and it will always be a very interesting subject for me. I also found it amazing that his birth number was 33/6 and mine 36/9, more 3's. Anyhow, I have been wanting to share this for sometime and it felt good to read about others experiencing similiar happenings.
  4. Hello

    Hello all. I am here specifically to post a reply about 3:33. I am hoping someone can help me figure it all out.