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  1. Spontaneous Qigong; A Report.

    HI I have a question about spontaneuos qi gong and transmission. I read in Scotty's first post that he mentioned he would have to be there with you to do a transmission. I still in the earlier stages of my practise of chi gung but in my understanding of energy, chi transcends time and space fabric, so doesn't that mean that you could perform distance transmissions without being right there with them? Peace
  2. Hi

    Hi my name is Jonny, I live in Australia, I am 18 and have been discovering alot about myself, energy, and pretty much any esoteric unconventional way of bettering myself and providing me with another means of expression in daily life. Thank you for making this forum I hope it can teach me something and provide me with guidance when it's needed. My main interest is learning spontaneous qi gong at the moment because when I heard about it and saw a video of it I was blown away by the notion of tapping further into your subconscious so that it takes over, that to me is just an awsome thought. I have been doing some form of energy cultivation for about 6 months, so alot of the concepts are new to me. Peace.