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  1. Initial contact with Taoist thought and the interpretations of the Tao Te Ching can be a little unnerving. Particulaly if one is used to western style of writing. Give yourself a lot of time to figure these ideas out for yourself. While Chapter Five sounds a bit severe, the following passage from Matthew 5:45 is readily acceptable to most Christians. Matthew 5:45: "that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust God is seen as impartial. (In this verse anyway) I prefer the following interpretation of Chapter Five. 5. Nature Nature is not kind; It treats all things impartially. The Sage is not kind, And treats all people impartially. Nature is like a bellows, Empty, yet never ceasing its supply. The more it moves, the more it yields; So the sage draws upon experience And cannot be exhausted For me the neat part of this chapter concerns the idea of the impartiality of nature. This impartiality creates a void. Humans both love and detest a void. We try to fill voids with all sorts of things in an effort to make a nice tight defined package out of them. Voids left alone are quite elegant and useful. When we fill them they become useless at best and downright dangerous at the worst.
  2. Over Forty Only

    Thanks Blasto! I needed this.
  3. No sperm cells no energy?

    Greenhorn, Be careful were you let this take you. Some are of the mind that sperm is imbued with properties beyond the truly magical ability to fertilize the human female egg. You will be told to manipulate your sperm/ejaculation to attain a higher order of being. This makes as much sense as using extreme and unnatural control over any of the bodily excretions to attain power. It is a contrivance. Nature gave you a penis for peeing and procreation. Humans have adapted well and found a fine entertainment/pleasure value as well. Some use it for abusive power. Please do not look at your penis and what comes out of it for some sort of pathway to discovery. I can speak to this subject with some degree of sympathy for your situation. Like you I have never produced sperm. Or more accurately stated I have never ejaculated sperm. I have Congenital Bilateral Absence Of The Vas Deferens. This is when the Vas Deferens do not completely develop at birth. You may also have this condition. You may be making sperm but it has no way to exit from the testicles. A congenital vasectomy if you will. Sperm is created in the testicles but never ejaculated. They are eventually absorbed by the body. Talk about saving Chi! I have been packing it away since puberty! If you are young, you will have to come to terms with your infertility. I wish you peace in that journey. Be wary when someone tells you that power is directly related to a milky secretion. You are young. Read and study the Tao Te Ching for a year or so. Read as many different translations as you can find. Stay away from other sources of Taoist wisdom for that year or so. It will be time well spent.
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Sir Francis Bacon,
  5. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    See, Masters are as old as time, maybe older. Thank you, Meow. I loved your post as well as this discussion.
  6. Life is Absolutely Meaningless

    Let this thing we call Tao strip us to our bones. We will reshape ourselves using Compassion, Restraint & Unimportance. This is where the Magic lies. frp
  7. Life is Absolutely Meaningless

    L7, What you say is true. Except you left out one thing. **This is where the Magic starts!** frp