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  1. Shaktipat

    Jiddu Krishnamurti was not an advocate of bliss, energy play etc. from the perspective of Enlightenment. Though he did not offer shaktipat, the process of Shaktipat is essentially having to do with Kundalini and the link I posted was related to Kundalini. More so, regarding the seminars and commercial abuse of Kundalini and the associated Shaktipat. For example, here on this very thread is a poster who claims to be Qualified and so are his friends and tells people to learn from him the "real" stuff. Funny but whatever. Can it get any cheesier? It should also not be forgotten than JK himself spent several decades practicing yoga, pranayama, kriya, mantra and all those stuff. I just had to comment here considering this gentleman's ad for quick-quick and "real" technique of Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening. I have done KAP as well but it gets tiring to keep listening to such uninformed bs for long. Beaming of Prana/Chi is NOT Shaktipat.
  2. Shaktipat
  3. When HamSa becomes SoHam

    Trunk, thank you. I had an offline discussion with Silicon Valley on this board who had some posts on this topic and also with his teacher. I am interested in MG's perspective as he is from the Muktananda school who again taught both hamsa and soham, but always with the verbalization (mental) of the ham and so sounds. From what I was told, So represents shakti and hum shiva. It makes sense when MG talks of so at the bottom of the spine and hum at the crown. I was also told that so is incoming breath and creation vs hum being the outgoing breath or shiva and destruction. I also picked some bits about hamsa and soham and their relation to inner creative/destructive phases and having to do with kundalini going up the spine and descending back to the base of spine etc. Frankly, i didn't get much of this ascent-descent part, water and fire methods of shiva and shakti etc. but sure would like to know more when possible. Putting all these bits and pieces together, I think I have an idea now I was also pointed to some links for more on this; I will also listen to the MG podcasts again with more attention. There certainly is a lot of energy in his voice that can be felt through the recording.
  4. When HamSa becomes SoHam

    Trunk, I have heard some podcasts by Mark Griffin, but it is not clear what he really teaches. Does he teach breath awareness without actually mental intonation of the sounds so and ham or does he actually teach co-ordinating so and hum with breath like Paramahamsa Yogananda? I have heard both versions. Some feel so and hum (or ham and sa) are natural sounds of the breath and mere awareness is what is japa here and hence this forms ajapa. But some others like Swami Rama teach actual mental repetition of so and ham (or ham and sa) along with awareness on the breath. What does Griffin teach? Thank you!
  5. Questions for Goldisheavy

    Goldisheavy, I have been lurking on this forum for a while and decided to post today mainly to speak to you. I have found your non-conventional approach to things, even if deliberate at times, refreshing. Here is my question. What did you practice to get to where you are now? Or to put it another way, what do you recommend as a spiritual practice for someone who would care to take your opinion? - Energetic practices like Qigong, Kundalini etc.? - Deities, Mantras, Mandalas like in Tibetan Buddhism? - Zazen, Shikantaza, Vipassana, Mindfulness practices? - Or simply an intellectual analysis - like Ramana's self-inquiry, study of the suttas etc.? Or it does not matter?
  6. Hello

    Hello to all Tao Bums ...