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  1. Jerry Alan Johnson books

  2. Teachers in the Bay Area?

    Thanks guys, keep it coming. I have trained with folks on and off. But after talking to Scotty the other day offline, I kinda thought it is better to spend some extended period with a teacher and learn and assimilate what I have been learning for the last decade and a half. Thanks again, some very good recommendations here, I will spend time checking them out ... ...
  3. Want to be a moderator of The Tao Bums?

    Totally, I am not a world renowned Psychic/Mystic/Nurse/Healer/Teacher ala Shaktimama but trying to look at Taomeow's energy shows me a slender, long golden dragon. Never seen that before with anyone. She does seem to be one helluva lady. If you dont mind, Taomeow, you may perhaps share why I see this golden dragon in you?
  4. Teachers in the Bay Area?

    As Kunlun instructors in the Bay Area are mostly not teaching or are bad assed, would any of the Bums in the San Francisco Bay area recommend any Qigong teachers to train with? South Bay would be great but any place in the bay area is good. Thank you all for the kindness.
  5. Want to be a moderator of The Tao Bums?

    She's great ..... knows her stuff! Is she writing a book? Taomeow, keep us updated plssss
  6. Jerry Alan Johnson books

    I just have two tracks on my ipod from long time ago. Both are guided meditations. No music. If I remember right, I think I ripped just the guided meditation tracks and skipped the music-only ones. Is this what you're looking at? This one's a breathing practice. Check out the preview for the very first track here...
  7. Jerry Alan Johnson books

    I know that KAP and SFQ get thrown around alot here but if they actually help people then what's the problem? This thread has and is still about JAJ so I dont personally see the problem. Sorry, NOT the same. Drew Hempel may get on nerves talking about SFQ but he is not promoting himself or his business. Yeah, he, you can say is trying to promote something that he found useful and in doing that, is doing himself no favor. Shaktimama is selling a product here. She is promoting herself. The difference is here to see and the only reason one can miss that would be if he wants to! And it is the sick way she does it is what really irritates. Common, when you are selling a product, you need to have some code of conduct! Though the thread is about JAJ, what is her elaborate prelude building up to conclude? KAP is better and I and Santi can beat the crap of JAJ, and everyone else. THAT is what I have an issue with. She could have shared what she wanted to and left it there. But look at other threads, the two do the same everywhere. If some people found her useful, let that be, there are others here who find her constant spamming equally obnoxious.
  8. Jerry Alan Johnson books

    Thank you! I thought I was the single soul in this huge forum who was put off by this lady's antics.
  9. Jerry Alan Johnson books

    For a nurse you are one proud Nurse! I don't care for your true knowledge, list of names you throw or for abilities you and your friend claim. I have read many of your old posts and have not found anything useful. Pages and pages of - I can Santi can do this, I and Santi can do that etc. etc. Cheesier than a bad door to door salesman. If you want to do it, do it in that damned thread like you have been doing. There were some bad reviews on the KAP thread and the ones who wrote them were kicked out from here I guess? Back to my question - Why do you have to crap on every thread? Physic powers thread is one example. Can't you create a big thread, call it Shaktimama's shameless advertising (SSA) and write all your heroics there? If you can shamelessly and endlessly sell yourself and your accomplice in every thread, I can express my irritation in at least a couple, can't I? This is a public forum after all lol! Get a life Shaktimama. You seem to be living in some fantasy land that has nothing to do with true spirituality. But that's your problem, your KAP-crapping on every thread - that's my problem as well.
  10. Psychic Powers

    That's what I said as well ...
  11. Psychic Powers