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  1. What are you listening to?

    thanks!!! hahahaa wasalam
  2. What are you listening to?

    very exotic... Good charlotte ft the game-fight song niiice wasalam
  3. What's your diet?

    i consider my diet to be the "normal" diet-i don't eat to much fast food and 52.5 pack can bear witness to that hehe lol wasalam

    oh as in for eid? hehe-that's a very nice thing to do it finishes on september the 19th (but some places fast till the 20th-so give it to her on the 20th just in case). eid goes for 2-3 days btw wasalam (peace) and God bless you

    Hello everybody, ramadan mubarak to the muslims on this forum! (if there r any other than me lol) wasalam (peace)
  6. What are you listening to?

    im currently addicted to Haz's latest song heartstop wasalam
  7. Religious Taoism

    lollal! nice story
  8. Religious Taoism

    taoism in a nutshell? wasalam
  9. Religious Taoism

    agreed we just need them now wasalam
  10. Religious Taoism

    is it a FACT though bcz then that wont count as a point wasalam
  11. Religious Taoism

    Assalam, a game for all the taoists on this site (and people who know alot about it). Say a fact about the religion taoism and your not allowed to repeat something someone else said-then whoever has posted the most is the winner! (a fact per post). Okay let the game begin!!! wasalam (peace)
  12. Assalam

    thank you for the comments-I will try to read all the stuff you have posted marblehead and desert is appreciated! wasalam Okay other than the ying yang-is there anything other behind philosophical taoism? jazakallah khair! wasalam
  13. Assalam

    thank you for the welcomes a question: can you adopt the taoist philosophy and still be a muslim or is it tied to the religion? Also-what is the taoist philosophy??? wasalam
  14. Assalam

    Hello everybody, I am a young muslim convert who has come to this site so that I can learn more about the taoist religion (for school reasons and so I can just know about it) Thank you and wasalam (peace)