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  1. Bill Bodri's Stages Course

    Hi PB - By now, maybe you have already read the stages course material, maybe not. While there are quite a few books on your list that I would like to read, the stages course is not just about the readings. That's why it is a course. I think Bill would rather keep it as more of a transmission. And above all, I believe that he wants us to practice and incorporate these lessons. There are lots of interesting things out there. But actually working on ourselves and starting practice is what he wants to help us achieve. Neil
  2. Shout Out

    Hey guys - I appreciate the ability to access forums such as this - which not only provides a wealth of information, but the ability to connect to like minded 'others'. I find the combination of good conversation and like minded pursuits rather rare, although I don't necessarily seek it out either since I believe that in the end, self-realization is something we have to do ourselves. I have been reading for a while. Now I feel that maybe I can contribute. May our future conversations shed light and not hate. Understanding and not confusion. Neil