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  1. IMA vs. MMA

    On the contrary, you must be a very stupid man for assuming that I believe the BS about Tyson. Well, I don't. Tyson's crosses have 500kg of pressure. He would use the average man's head as a speedbag. While it is true that martial artists in the past have gotten to the level of being unaffected by swords and spears in combat, one cannot acheive this without atleast several decades of golden bell training. One needs to dedicate his whole day to this training making a societal life impossible, which is why only monks achieved this level. You don't get this through "yin-yang gong". Specific gong yields specific skills. So I'm not saying this, or any kind of feat is impossible, just that John Chang did not do this. And that thing about his body becoming a blur was completely rediculous. Did you know Kostas's book says that Zhang, San Feng achieved level 72 of the Mo Pai tradition? I am on Wudangshan right now and I practice his alchemy, lots of what they say is BS. Their claims have not been proven, it's all just heresay. To develop such superpowers, one cannot live a married life, he would have to live his life in a cave for several hundred years. Hope that clears that, Jin
  2. IMA vs. MMA

    Bodhisattvas help others to return to their true nature. IMA on TV can POTENTIALLY lead one towards this living a spiritual path towards realization. Thank you for sharing your opinion, mine's different. Jin
  3. Fajin From Healing Dao Forum

    Cool. I didn't know I inspired others. Thanks. It's OK, I'm in Wudang, no big secret. Thanks freeform, it's already looking like a freindly bunch in here. Jin
  4. Hi Spectrum, Not much to expound here. Alchemy was the science of Atlantis/Lemuria. It is now split in many traditions. They will come together, it's inevitable. Winn has started to do that, science is experimental. My point was that it will become a global science, I've had enough alien experiences to confirm this to be true. Did you read Taiji Alchemy Secrets by Zhang, San Feng? This is his alchemy. Buddhist meditation such as silent illumination or shikantaza or sitting forgetting is about observing whatever that arises. Wudang Alchemy is a cross between Buddhist and Daoist meditation because it concentrates the void space into a dantian and observation is giving to whatever phenomena within that void space and are therefore not grasping to these phenomena. Electricty, steam, portals, whatever phenomena it is, naturally occur within that space and you observe it with one-pointed concentration. The method is so simple yet so profound, but few are willing to devote time into this kind of alchemy. Ya, it's fun, if you've got anymore, keep em coming Jin
  5. IMA vs. MMA

    I strongly disagree. If spirituality is alive and well, then what brought out Sakyamuni and Jesus, did they not try and bring testimony to the truth. What about Guan Yin? Yes, realization is personal, but there are many aids to realize one's true nature. I think IMA broadcast is a most effective way towards rasing the vibration of people's consciousness. Btw, Buddha didn't create Buddhism, Jesus didn't create Christianity, these teachings became perverted overtime, but that does not mean that they are pioneers speaking for themselves. Bruce Lee had to name his own style Jeet Kune Do, even though he meant to make it a concept, a philosophy, not another branch. Jin
  6. Fajin From Healing Dao Forum

    Thanks affenbrot, But how do you know that I'm on a "retreat"? Jin
  7. IMA vs. MMA

    If we look at the contribution of say, Bruce Lee, we find that what he has done through movies stretches beyond "kicking people's ass." And it opened the door for many of he Chinese traditions including the popularization of the Shaolin school in the West via Jet Li for example. Of course, once they get to this, they see that meditation and alchemy are the root of martial arts, as they always were from Da Mo to Zhang, Sanfeng. Think about what would happened if an internal martial artist went into the UFC and displayed these skills to the lay public, that would certainly have a dramatic effect on the entire global poplation. Compared to Bruce Lee's filmaking, real fights broadcast nationally would have a huge effect. Without Bruce Lee, this board may not have existed and we would not be where we are now. Pioneers to the world like Michael Winn are much needed in these times. They bring about a renewed revival of spirituality where it has died out. Jin
  8. IMA vs. MMA

    The meaning I see in these contests is that if people on TV see that IMA can topple MMA, then they can go outside and practice Taiji in parks much like they do in China. These contests, if won by IMA, can lead to a raise in planetary consciousness. Jin
  9. Thanks for the help Max. I've been following the discussions on HT and here as soon as Sean Denty arrived and I found them pretty interesting. It seems to me that Mr. Denty wanted to emphasize how the Healing/Universal Dao is an ongoing experiment much like you've said youself. I can't validate these formulas to say that they do what the course descriptions say as I have not tested them out. There are more points in this issue too, like performing siddhis proving that you are a real master, or whether these formulas should be kept secret away from the West especially, etc. Michael says one thing, Denty says the opposite. I am not going to pick sides here as I really don't care as it won't change anything except people's views, which I've learned is really not worth "trying" to change. Obviously, Lei Shan Dao is an authentic lineage congruent with traditional Daoist Alchemy. If people want to try it, that's fine, Denty made the offer for Denmark. If people want to dedicate themselves to Michael's path, that's fine too, there will be a spiritual science in the near future whether people like it or not. Yes, knowledge such as this has destroyed Atlantis and things are repeating, hopfully for the better this time. There will only be science, no more traditions, whether Eastern or Western. As for myself, I choose the strict discipline of sitting in stillness, much like you. Although, I utilize the 3 dantians too (Wudang). I mean when one observes the lower dantian, for example, he can observe and maximize the sensations of steaming, dimensional portals, electricity, colourless light, soundless sound, etc. without playing with them. Jin
  10. IMA vs. MMA

    Looks like fun, can I take that challenge? Don't think I quite got the quote wrapping manuever... Any help? Jin
  11. Fajin From Healing Dao Forum

    Do I have a use on this board?