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  1. anybody know anything about e-boost?
  2. chris, hi. any near future plans for levels 2-3 on the mainland? -joshua
  3. Ashes and Snow

    year 1/2, 2 years ago, this was an art exhibit in santa monica, ca, a giant enclosure made of recycled materials by japanese man (can't remember name) and inside was ashes and snow - giant photographs and films and one could walk through and around. beautiful. if it ever tours again, i suggest seeing it.
  4. Iron Palm and Kunlun

    any further info on the san diego medicine palm training chris?
  5. the philosophy behind kunlun

    Your mileage may vary. Trust yourself. Trust in the now. People type words. Words are words. No getting there. Not there. Only being. Anticipate the practice. Be the doing. Don't expect results. Anticipate the process. Fer sher.
  6. strange dan tien feeling

    similar feeling after abstaining for a week while doing kunlun then ejaculating. it went away.
  7. Hey y'all. I've been doing the "100 days". Today would have been day 7 for me. Oops. Oh well. Was going great, mostly refraining. Then the old thought and feelings creepin' in. That's okay, then retaining. But today went a little too long and lost it. Again, no big deal. But my question is this: now, after the event, my boys hurt. not so much hurt, but pressure, or rather feel "worked" like after a marathon session with someone new after ejaculating many times in one night. overall, uncomfortable. I'm anticipating everything fine tomorrow. I try to redirect but don't know if i'm doing it in a healthy way. thought, suggestion?
  8. reading further, i see that this mongoose guy studied with OSHO for a long time. 'nuff said.
  9. also interesting that the woman in the video is naked. . . when she doesn't need to be.
  10. hot shower/cold shower is one way to do "hydrotherapy". try 3 min. hot as you can bear, then 30 sec. cold, back to hot, 3 min., then cold, hot then cold. repeat as many times as you want. I find three is the limit for me. very good for skin and circulation and pumping blood. plus it feels good. peace.
  11. i'm in, cameron. but i must start tomorrow.