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  1. well I'm pleased to report

    Well, after looking around, trying on the suits, I am pretty sure I'm in the same old store. Like every other forum, and life, everyone is running around saying the same thing 10,000 different ways, and arguing about how it was said rather than what. Seems the 95/5 rule never gets old. well, it's been fun getting sucked in here, still never found out about getting cheap cheongsams but that damn placebo effect always gets under my skin! enjoy your forummy forum with all it's bashing and tripping. ja nai. ps - you can shoot an email to [email protected] if you want. Or not. like that spam email needs more emails. LOL
  2. Tibetan Herbs

    I read the thread.. and I wasn't talking to him.
  3. One three people are qualified to explain increasing pain tolerance: women who've given childbirth people who've been in severe accidents and lived people who've self-inflicted ironbone training (or other random pain) it's quite simple: increase your threshold for pain by greater pain, pretty soon less things hurt. unfortunately, as you get better with Qi, things that never hurt before will. Don't you hate it bwhen your buddhist practice and taoist practice cancel each other out and leave you just as you really are?
  4. Tibetan Herbs

    taking herbs self-prescribed without the least knowledge of them is a sure way to filch yourself up. Have at it.
  5. Finding my own people?

    "only you! can prevent zen forest fires." help Smokey the zen bearddha put out harm of the three treasures. if you want Zen, go find it. Don't wander a step or a letter on a forum though, or you'll have missed the turnout. good luck in the next second.
  6. The Chicken or the Egg?

    well buddha, pardon me for asking you to take your debate outside the temple walls, it's disturbing the wa of the thread with mind-violence.
  7. anyone notice their energy surging the last few days?

    we're building up to a full moon, and aside from that it's a yang water/fire day.
  8. What is the essence of spirituality?

    It doesn't have to be quiet, but to listen well it helps. self-silence is at the beginning. For all else seek the Yi Jing, Dao De Jing, Nei Jing, and Lotus Sutra. I recommend some physical activity to balance out the mental side... I've noticed few intellectuals proceed very far into actualization, probably becuase the mind doesn't make it happen after all... the emotional body does. Give me a student who is willing to shut up, work out, and learn discipline I'll train him/her in enlightenment as easy as it is to turn my hand over. Enlightenment, like spirituality is as easy as 1,2,3... but since that's the real start, don't celebrate it too much. There's a whole mountain once upon the path. But alas it's a vast dark forest around Mount Tai.
  9. The Chicken or the Egg?

    well, I must say this is the first time I've seen a metaphysical bashing on a forum. I wonder if that hurt in the ether? Did it? *sigh* you are wasting virtual space. LOL
  10. The Chicken or the Egg?

    As the yin and yang are inseparable, clearly the ultimate answer is they arrived at the same time. If one observes the nature of Time which is non-existent without observation, then the whole point of the "what came first" disappears and all that's left is the "egg" and "chicken". Yet, speaking literally in one time frame and one iteration of things aka "Earth" if one could have followe dhte whole thing, it would be clear they again arrieved simultanesouly because only when they appeared like chickens and chicken eggs did they exist at all. Of course, the gametes and such existed all the way back before the "chicken" but if no one named them, they had no form, so they really didn't exist either. As for how it happened, I don't know the range of the original chickens before they were domesticated, but if they didn't coincide with people, (which given the existence of this question I find it possible), then at some point a hunter observed a walking or flying chicken, followed it home and found eggs. So for Man, he probably discovered chickens and named them first, but finding the eggs already in the nest, again: they arrived at the same moment. Either way you slice it: philosophically/spiritually, biologically, or historically, they appear to have arrived at the same time. Aside from that, it's pointless since there's no origin of anything. Origin, too, is a mind-trick of the ego.
  11. The Placebo Effect

    Given that everything is Qi and Qi is everything, I don't see the confusion. Only people that see Qi as some external "life force" or one of the forces in physics would have any doubt that the placebo effect isn't Qi. In TCM it is quite clear: the mind or Yi, as an aspect of Shen guides the Qi. Thus the placebo effect is invariably Qi. Aside from that the disease it heals is Qi, the cells are made of Qi and Jing combined, the blood is born of Qi, guided by Qi, and is ultimately Qi. the whole process of healing is Qi. The ATP used is Qi. In TCM there are infinite Qi, but we speak of only 19 or so. About five of them are sufficient to explain anything important. The placebo effect is a joke, how can the mind be separate from the body? Scientists are quite confused: they don't think the mind and body should influence each other in experiments, and yet have you ever met a person outside the body? The two go hand in hand. Any doubt? Ask a person to cut you or starve you and see if you don't get unhappy and then unhealthy. Then heal and see if you are happy again. It's all so simple and straight forward. What need is there to experiement? In TCM the "placebo" is just as viable a healing tool. If you could cure 80% of diseases with sugar pills, I ask why don't you give all your patients sugar pills? Clearly that is the correct thing to do for any case, just in case it might work. As for is Qi involved... it is always involved. e=mc^2, how can Qi not be involved? It's the very fabric of Yin and Yang and the Universe itself.
  12. Sigh

    It's a wonder anyone posts anything on this forum at all, it's too particular.