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  1. What can feminism do for men?

    We can try to squeeze square pegs into round holes by pretending yin is yang. Or we can let yin and yang run their course. As for which one of those is actually feminism... "Feminism", just like "god", "liberal", and "conservative", has become a meaningless word. A word loses its meaning, when people cease to agree on its meaning. You can't have a meaningful debate if you can't agree on the meaning of the word you're debating about. We can still debate about agreed-upon of subforms of feminism, and I think opening a thread about that would be more productive.
  2. motherblastingfrikkafrakkin horseflies

    I wonder if horseflies have more consciousness than regular flies, by virtue of their size. Do they have bigger brains too? Or just bigger bodies? Mass murder of insects is natural, but I feel like we still should stop and think about it when we do it.
  3. martial artists in the real world?

    I've always found it bizarre how much time martial artists spend with antiquated weapons like commas, er kamas. Where do you even find those? If only more martial arts incorporated guns, and effective techniques thereof. The equivalent of a wooden practice sword could be a paintball or airsoft gun.
  4. Haiku Chain

    spring clothes her in fire a coffin clothes her body earth clothes the coffin
  5. The Moral Problem

    That is a very odd analogy - usually tent poles are used as a metaphor for an entirely different kind of love ("pitching a tent").
  6. The Sage not acting for reward

    Why is A focusing so much effort on helping B when children are starving elsewhere in the world? Seems oddly myopic of him. Also, it seems like A is much happier than B in your scenario. A is content enough with his life that he has energy to spare for helping others, while B is so miserable that he craves attention for the smallest deeds. As myopic as A is, B is even more emotionally stunted; if anything, A should be feeling pity for B's lack of development. If A is feeling jealous of B, then A and B are simply two fools of different kinds.
  7. sobering facts

    Whenever I splurge on a non-necessity, I like to think of the starving children that money could have fed.
  8. I really wish I could cross my legs and meditate properly, but I have horrible flexibility (I've been working on that, though). The best I can do is to sit and keep my back straight. Lying down means falling asleep for me. Sleep is too much fun!
  9. advice? porn, masturbation, jing/qi

    Is the wife ugly?
  10. Mastering the emotions

    Lucky you. I'm burdened by all kinds of thoughts, each waking moment of my life. Even if I were to stand in line for hours each day, I wouldn't run out of fantasies to indulge in.
  11. What's the easiest way to live in the present?

    >easiest way to live in the present? I've been contemplating this question myself, OP. Living the future is too addicting and enjoyable, and it can be difficult to keep oneself tethered to the present.
  12. Hajimemashite

    Nihon-jin desu ka?
  13. Warming the hands - an ability to related to qi?

    Interesting, thanks guys!
  14. Hi, for a number of years I've had an ability to make my hands warmer simply by focusing and willing them to be warmer. It's only a few degrees change, but it's still something most people don't know how to do. I'm wondering if this is somehow related to qi, and if I can take this ability further and do something cooler with it. Thanks!!
  15. Sorry for responding late; I was sleeping. Okay, you are correct! Thanks for commenting!