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  1. Apech, Why do you continue banning valued members & locking interesting threads ! You are the only one turning people away from this forum with your high & mighty attitude. I wont be returning until your position is reviewed. Ex Taobum.
  2. Lung Fu Shan Mudra

    Any luck with these mudras people ?
  3. Hua Tuo Basics Classic

    should be fine now, no password needed
  4. Hua Tuo http://www.sendspace.com/file/sic4yc
  5. File to large for forum can be [email protected] http://www.sendspace.com/file/p8yu9y
  6. Traditional Health Method

    Hi, Is anybody else having problems downloading any of the files ? Please let me know .
  7. Tien Tao Chi kung

    Full Video Series Free 99% all working. Get them why you still can. Hard Qigong, Health Qigong, Martial Arts, Dont forget this is arabic page. So scroll button is on the left. http://dvd4arab.maktoob.com/showthread.php?t=1686452
  8. Defensive Boxing

    As Above, defence_qi.pdf
  9. Lung Fu Shan Mudra

    Take 2 mudras.pdf
  10. Here is a classic on health qigong. If there are any particular books or subjects you would like for your private collection please send a pm. Apart from the manual Some subjects in our collection include, Health Qigong, Martial Qigong, Dan Cultivation, Chinese Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Astrology, Gong Fu, Healing, New Books,Old Books, Manuscripts,Scrolls,Pdf Format. kung3.pdf
  11. Maoshan Exchange

    I dont delve into it so much,Im more of a collector.
  12. Maoshan Exchange

    Hey just relax a little bro, Im not trying to twist anybodys arm or something. I know there are many people who come here and are interested in this subject. I would like to gain some new material myself and just thought this would be a nice place to start. There are thousands of individuals who practice Maoshan style & I dont claim myself to be anything special, only lucky. Im in no position to say what is authentic or not, But judging by your friends photograph he does not seem to have that much Energy at all. Hope this helps some you in some way,All the best.
  13. Maoshan Exchange

    No is he a master in this kind of thing ?
  14. Chinese Astrology

    I have plenty (Chinese only). Is there any particular lineage that interests you ? Its probably worth getting them profesionally translated since much of the knowledge is not in any English books i have seen.
  15. These are simply added as curios for the interested few.