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  1. Very interesting thread. If you don't mind the question, what exactly have you been practicing the past year? and are you practicing retention along side it?
  2. Lower Dantien Stagnation?

    ***WARNING - SEXUAL CONTENT*** Sorry to hear this man I feel for you. Here is my 2 cents; 1) Go see a doc western and TCM and stop any retention 2) Massage your nuts daily - non erotic 3) Get yourself an aneros for prostate health but remember to see that doc and tell them you intend to stick it up your ass 4) Hitting - start with simultaneously hitting you DT and Mingmen at the same time in sets of 36 (many as you like - don't go mad). Hit the DT with open palm while hitting the mingmen with the back of your fist. Flick or swing the arms round. I'm sure you have seen this before. 5) I would do 20 mins a day of embracing horse or kunluns i-jong 6) Learn and do nauli kriya every day. Start with Uddiyana Bandha. Err here is a link Just for fun get your lady friend to wax your pole every other day and blow your wad no restraints. She may even do an angry dragon. Personally, I find that although energetically a saliva bath is not the best option, it sure is amazing if done right. If she can jiggle your plums with her pinky up your ass and wax at the same time you should cum NP with practice. The key here is you are not doing any work or trying to cum. Just relax and let her work the bone. Asian cowgirl and the like is also fine... key is you are relaxing and not trying to pound her full of potential babies. Keep that up until you are making Peter North look like a small boy. Last but not least and most important when health has returned.... find a teacher.
  3. Oh Haeng Gi Ma Sae

    The actual name of the stance is naega shinjang and it comes from the Korean art GiCheon, Haidong Gumdo and Kichun. It's the first of the six basic stances. It purpose it to build strength and open channels. Generates some heat and is a difficult stance. Meditation mantra guy is a fake ass BTW.
  4. Inked...

    Interesting question and I have wondered the same. Anyone got any nice Daoist/spiritual designs?
  5. I would be interested to know this as well. So what results have you actually had? just strong energy flow? It's not really a Qi gong method as Li says Qi is shit and the cultivatiopn builds gong. Perhaps that is bull? Your time is limited? why is that? I would love to know what benafits/abilities you got from the practice? I have heard people say they felt a strong Qi flow but that does not mean anything. I would like to know from ex practitioners what they got from it and why they stopped. Just because of the cult? If the techniques are good then why stop? With regards to the falun rotating... could that not just be the Dan Tian rotating? Biff
  6. Secret smile

    This is a great thread. I was wondering if anyone who has excess negative emotion may have used ETF (emotional freedom technique). I have tried it but not extensively. I might start another thread. Lots of people recommend healing sounds etc but I have not seen EFT mention much. I would love to know peoples experiences with it and how well it deals with emotional blockages. Biff
  7. That was very interesting to watch. Does that happen like that to everyone? I've never been a workshop person myself, I wonder just how much this helps a student and if this is similar to 'shaktipat'. I have a serious question regarding the type of energy this is. There are many energies and 'vibrations'. So question to Ya Mu, what type of energy is this? Once the 'fire' has been ignited in the student, I would imagine the law of attraction takes effect and attracts more of the same (with practice). I would also like to pose this (similar) question to Vajrasattva and perhaps April and ShaktiMamma or anyone with a fully risen Kundalini that can 'see'. Is this Kundalini Shakti? looking at the the movements and energy it seems to be very much waves and spirals. In your experienced opinions, would you say this student has and awakened Kundalini? It might be that not just Kundalini causes spontaneous movements or kriyas. I have read some of the Kunlun crowd talking about how that energy is not Kundalini. How true that is I'm not sure. That's why in this instance it would be excellent as we have a video example. So someone (not just Ya Mu) who has experience with different energies and might be able to actually 'see' auras etc. What do you 'see' Thanks for sharing this Ya Mu.
  8. Grandmaster David Harris

    BTW before anyone make a sweeping judgement you should take a look and see that these guys are authentic because they have the invisible ninja tattoo... Only he can do this. You cannot buy that trick from a magic set on ebay.
  9. Grandmaster David Harris

    Watch Ashida Kim demo himself levitating. It's amazing that he really believes that people will fall for this. Then take note of how Mr Harris assists him in trying to fool people (deceive is a better word). You know I was sceptical about these supreme grand masters until I saw this kid who seems to have mastered Ashida Kims levitating just from the book (available at dojopress). Amazing.
  10. Haiku Chain

    Roll the pants down - dance! My wood is always rising Man with giant cock!
  11. Has The Tao Bums become (B)anal?

    Titty? oh I must have missed that one. Will have to dig... but then it's Friday and I'm bout to get my pole smoked so perhaps tomorrow.
  12. Full Moon - Friday 29th

    I mean make some full moon water, or harness some of the Yin energy from the moon. You can even practice or meditate under it... I found an existing thread that has a little detail on it.. Personally I would use another method to condense the yin and collect it as dew but it's all good.
  13. Full Moon - Friday 29th

    Good time to make some full moon water!