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    Well i've had a right old good look around and really am enthralled by all the posts and helpfull links on the site. A truley great place to be. I began to read some of Mantak Chia's works a couple of years ago but i'm only really beginning to set out on a well disiplined and consistently approached path now. Ready to completley cut out alchohol and sugery foods etc. Ive had a few musculer skeletal issues for quite some time now and find some relief through a lot of stretching, massage and rolling out, on rollers and ball's etc but every time I have pushed the training any further I tend to experience massive problems around my hip area,, periformis and gluteus minimus. This mainly playing havoc with the sciatic nerve and making relaxed practice a real distant dream... I read in one of Mantaks works that sometimes emphasis can be placed on breath and form to the detriment of the activation of a relaxed state that is prerequisite of any real healing taking place. I was doing Hatha Yoga for quite some time and after a period of time when I was bodybuilding for a number of monthes I had a period of great success. Some really wonderfull results where I really truley relaxed and returned to bliss. At times i could spend 6 hours in one yoga session relaxing completly in corpse pose allowing breath to be guided by a very relaxed abdomen and calmed state of mind. I realised after a while this practice was taking up too much time and that I was unable to advance in other area's of life. I began to practice Astanga Yoga at this point and spent less time in practice. It felt as though I was rushing most of the time though and seemed to lose the profound benifits enjoyed with Hatha. I neglected strength training thinking it to be psychologically unhygenic and around 24-25 years old ran into some serious problems. Hips, Knee's, elbows, ankle's, wrists and shoulders started showing warning signs rapidly. Fluid on knees and elbows , sciatic and arthritic pain, chronically tight, imbalanced and dysfuntional muscles left a tilt in my pelvis , poor tracking through my knee's that seemed to lock and back pain that would intermitantly make everything a real hassle, plus my shoulders click. I'm 27 now and although I have learned to cope with this it still bothers me everyday and practically rules my life if i'm to keep it at bay... I tend to get it so i'm pain free then get on with other things, have the odd drink at weekend, a little recreational sport and i'm back to square one with an ice pack on my back waiting to do mckenzie extentions. Power to anyone who goes through this on the daily and utmost respect to those that have had to deal with it and have beaten it. Well i'm trying really dam hard and have all the determination i need to overcome it i'm sure... Found this forum few weeks ago now and i'm tip toeing around idea's that i can weave into my daily routine to relax and unwind imbalances and improper stacking of bones simutaniously developing strength to do so without having the tightening of muscles in recovery pulling me further out of alignment. I suppose this is my hello to all of you here on Tao Bums, it is my birthday today, I'm 27. I have no real commitments, nothing stopping me from putting all I am into a life of self cultivation and disiplined practice. I've just qualified in holistic therapies, level 3 and gone along to some reiki workshops which granted me level 2. I feel I would like to study TCM next year full time (most likley do a two year degree in London) learn some Chinese and travel over that way for a while. For now the main aim is to realign with those benifits a felt with the hatha yoga the first time so I can begin working in holistic therapies and start earning some money. As you can imagine with the above problems in mind this is not possible at the moment. (I give one massage I need one my self). So each day i plan to do ; A moving qi gong brocade in the morning 30 mins to 1 hour walking (lucky enough to live 2 minute from the coast) 1 hour of gentle standing qi gong excersises 20 mins waking meditation and some inner smile / Microcosmic orbit 6 healing sounds before bed At the same time I have been looking around the area for good teachers of martial arts. I plan to approach some Tai Chi classes. There is also a Wing Chun lesson held every week that is of interest. I live in blackpool and we are fortunate enough to have Master Samual Quok with us who teaches the Ip Man Wing Chun. I keep meaning to go down but so far have not wanted to risk more pain and infalmation or even greater injury so I have resisted, much to my dissatisfaction. Plan is to do the above for 30 days, cutting out alchohol and eating a balance diet of mainly fruit, veg, grains and cereals plus a little meat and fish. I'll have a little look on here from time to time but really must knuckle down to actual practice... P.S. if anybody is still reading this and happens to know how to get the full membership to upload a pic i'm be gratefull if you could let me know. It tells me I lack authorisation when I try. Look forward to being an integral part of the whole ,, Once again, Great place to be, Peace, Love Adoration and Respect BGROUND2
  4. Taoist Yoga

    This is great, really elegant stuff, Found it really helpfull, I have a little hip and knee trouble and this seemed to go really easy while allowing some real nice and generous movement. I'm just left a little lost after the first eight peices as the next clip has been removed from u-tube, does any body have any idea where it can be found. Thanks in advance ,, BGROUND2
  5. essential practice

    The taoist practices have interested me for some time . After doing some Hatha Yoga i felt attuned enough to the practices to get some benifit from a few of the universal tao excersises in Mantak Chia's books but like so many others got a little greedy and impatient. Found myself fooling around with the sexual practices, almost completley ignoring the basics. After some time off i'd like to return to my daily practice , only this time really start and stay with the very basics. I have just ordered ''the inner smile'', "The six healing sounds" and "turn stress into vitality". I will not hestitate to let you knows know about any relevent ponderings and meanderings. I hope within this forum advice will be reachable to enable a sensible and safe development to begin. I have recently qualified in Alternative and Complementery Therapies. Due to heath challenges, I am yet to begin work so primarally I am seeking the health benifit the pactices can bring. It looks like you guys have a great sense of community, looking forwad to being a part of it.. BGROUND2