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  1. Teate No Michi & Norito

    Hi folks, Have any ou us come across or heard of these japanase healing arts - Teate No Michi & Norito- Palm Healing and Medicinal Prayers. cheers kitherapyworks
  2. wafu

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have any info on of knows of any practioners of the buddhist spirtual healing art of wafu ( wah fa ) ? cheers kitherapyworks
  3. Primordial Chaos One Chi Palm

    Couldnt have said it better myself,Garry. regards Kitherapyworks
  4. Primordial Chaos One Chi Palm

    Hi Garry, Got it, thanks. That would be great if you had your website on WY up & running again,look forward to seeing it. Regards kitherapyworks
  5. Primordial Chaos One Chi Palm

    Hi Gary, please read your PM. kind regards Kitherapyworks
  6. Primordial Chaos One Chi Palm

    hi spirit ape, thanks for the reply. Found this on another forum - i think it's your sifu/si gung performing primordial chaos one chi palm? -;hilit=Wu+YiHui . Kind regards kitherapyworks
  7. Primordial Chaos One Chi Palm

    Hi folks, Does any one have any info on this system at all & if there are any sifu that teach in the UK/ Europe??? cheers kitherapyworks
  8. Hi folks, have any of you purchased & practiced The Eight Storing Qi & Developing Sensitivity Exercises which build the Qi Yin Style Bagua medical treatments are so famous for by Dr. Xie , if so what do you think of the excerises? cheers kitherapyworks
  9. hi there

    Thanks ,you guys
  10. hi there

    Hi there , My name is john ,just passed my final year in my three year course in shiatsu & came across this forum & browsed it a few times & found alot of discussions /articles that could help me on my path & shape me as a healer/ practioner plus with my hara /ki( qi/ chi ) delevopment. So here's hoping..... cheers john