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  1. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    Contrary to illusory body, which is a fruit, Jalu is not a fruit but a sign. The guy who says that is JL Achard, he is the great specialist of dzogchen for Bonpo and Nyingma schools. He has published : Bon Po Hidden Treasures: A Catalogue of Gter Ston Bde Chen Gling Pa's Collected Revelations (Brill's Tibetan Studies Library, V. 6) Enlightened Rainbows: The Life and Works of Shardza Tashi Gyeltsen (Brill's Tibetan Studies Library) and many other books. So, in the eyes of a true specialist, you would just appear as ignorant as the people you call ignorant. In fact, on this issue, Goldisheavy knows better than you. Or maybe you know more than Achard ? BTW, where did you publish your studies ? I find ridiculous this pretense to teach everybody about Jalu (and other matters), since you're no specialist and just proved it. Here on a taoist forum, it is easy to pretend to know buddhism better than anyone, but why don't you go discuss with true specialists ? http://yungdrung-rignga-ling.forums-free.com/ The problem is that maybe you wouldn't last long as a great practicioner.
  2. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    That's not what you were saying before. Now, I'm OK, christianism is less clear, but it has other advantages. The methodology is not as good for high-level practicioners;but it is very interesting though. I understand recently that all this story of Trinity was exactly describing the relationships between nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya and dharmakaya. And the relationships with have with others, and ourselves. For example, they say that the love between father and son brings up a certain kind of spiritual energy. In the mass, for example, the priest can be somehow the father, the people are the son, and their meeting "conjures up" the holy spirit, which is the spiritual energy. And the Christ said "when two meet in my name, I will be there" (I don't know the exact quote in english). What will be there, will rather be the holy spirit, but anyway that's a model for human relationships. When you have a true friend, spiritual energy you don't have separately can emerge. (That's how "union" is working, in tantras) From this I theorized that many people could give darshan (manifest the holy spirit), if everybody is OK. Take a group of friends, in this group, take one with no special realization but some channelling qualities, let's say he will be the father (in our experience that was not me). The others agree to be the sons. The father shall give darshan, and the others receive it. As strange as it may be, it works. That's how so many fake gurus are able to give real darshan, and that's an interesting quality of human relationships. Some of our friends can actually give real darshan, and at a lesser level, friendship can really bring something new. Many practicioners isolate themselves not knowing this. I could never discover this with the buddhist modelization because it is not clear enough, on this particulary topic. Anyway my point is to tell than each tradition has special and useful qualities.
  3. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    You just missed Thomas Aquinas, especially the Summa Theologica. He explains within it that the "substances" in divine essence don't subside by themselves, but only by their relashionships to others. But some of these relations are subsistent, as between the Father Son and Holy spirit. So, even the 3 divine persons have no existence by themselves, but only through the others. Incredible, no ? So, what christians call "substance" is not what buddhists call "substance". For a christian, substance is lacking inherent existence. When one studies a new tradition, one should not apply the definitions and classifications of another tradition, but redefine everything from the inside. The same words don't have the same meaning. I discover wonderful things. In order to question my own beliefs, I study/practice different traditions. I've studied/practiced buddhism, hinduism and christianism, and I'm still doing. I've taken refuge and many buddhist initiations, I've taken many darshans and my root guru is Amma, and I sometimes go to christian communion. All traditions are a different expression of "what is", and I love all of them, because all of them are a different expression of divine love. I'm feel home in a church, in a temple, or in a Gompa, that's the same for me. Now I'm interested by taoism to complete my understanding/experience, and I just bought a wonderful book "measuring meditation", thanks to this forum.
  4. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    1) Or maybe it's you, who don't understand hinduism and christianism ? Just repeating what others say, over and over, without taking the time to properly understand other traditions ? Rinpoches don't understand a thing of christianism. And not so much of hinduism. And why should they ? They're rinpoches, not swamis nor abbots. 2) When I begin to question others' beliefs, compassionate people quickly turn to despise and anger. That's a funny experience, and somehow I like it. In these occurrences, people reveal what they truly are, and not what they want us to believe. In fact, it is very easy to lead someone to put down the mask, and how instructive about human nature.
  5. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    So does lama Yeshe and that's even worse than nothing. Because kundalini is definitely not thigle, nor wind. It's something else. I can tell because I can feel pretty well red and white thigles. After 2 years of tummo, I've become interested in hinduism and I've tried to understand what exactly was kundalini without referring to another system. Just from the inside. And I've discovered that kundalini is the fundamental life force which ignites the red drop and drips the white drop. And dissolves the winds. And creates karma. It is the desire for samsara or the desire for God. Etc etc... It all depends how it is used. It is located in the first chakra. It is the very key for tummo, and no one mentions it. So : What I said above is not a good point for them. Now I've had a very good friend who told me about many great Rinpoches he has known, followed etc... since 30 years, doing retreat after retreat, capable of practicing 10 hours a day. A worthy practicioner. After years of discussion with him, it became clear he has never been told the fundamentals of completion stage. He doesn't know where he stands. Lamas have been playing with him all this time. Now he is rather old, the same lamas continue their play, telling he has probably 10 or 15 years left, he has not the fruit of practice, and he should do something about this. But they don't tell him what to do, for sure. When I try to explain him the different levels of clear light, the winds, the signs, how to know where he stands exactly on the path, he doesn't understand a thing. I've seen a good amount of Rinpoches myself, they're all the same. And when I read Lobsang Tenzin's biography, he didn't get much help from them, despite of being a tibetan monk in a cave for 20 years. But he was no tulku. If you are no tulku, you are nothing. I did benefit from him, in many different ways. But what he has really taught me is to trust no one (I've followed him for 10 years, just to say it was not just a 6 months story). It took me time to get over this. But when you have no choice, you change your mind. Being given the choice between trusting myself or being stuck in the middle of nowhere, I've taken the risk. I've learned that, for masters, tibetan or indians, people like us are meant to realize in many lifes. Not in this one. That's why you can do karma yoga all your life, wasting your time, that's OK for them. You will be reborn better. And then you will still do karma yoga etc... I've learned that it is politically incorrect if you want to realize in this lifetime. We should be patient, serve the guru, and ask no question. All will come in good time. The good time will be in a thousand lives, but that's not an issue for the gurus. Anyway, I don't want to be this kind of fool. I simply refuse. And I can see that, if the living masters don't help, the buddhas are helping much. So, now, I'm sending my prayers to buddhas, especially Samantabhadra, or Paramatman. They're most reliable. They give you the clarity you need, because they're your own nature as well.
  6. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    This : - speaking with a friend who learned tibetan, se said that someday she was speaking with a Rinpoche, and she asked him if tibetans knew about kundalini. He said "yes, but we don't want to speak of it". - one day my former lama said that he couldn't say what was death because of course he was alive, and alive is not dead. So I told publicly that I didn't believe him, because he said that he had realized the real meaning of rigpa, which meant he was dead for some time (I didn't add my reasons because people would not understand, not knowing what I was speaking about. I was speaking about meaning clear light, complete dissolution of the winds, which is equal of being clinically totally dead. My purpose was to make him teach about clear light for other people, something he never did, yet he is giving extensive teachings about dzogchen, emptiness, clarity... ). His answer was :"Are you saying that I am dead and came back ? mwahahaha !". He was just making a fool of me (and displaying his low consideration for others). I was OK with that, but this day, I knew he would keep holding back for a long time. It was a retreat, during which I tried to make him speak about clear light, winds dissolution etc. He always skipped. Anyway, half of his followers believe they've realized the true meaning of rigpa, just because he never went into the details, example clear lights, meaning clear light etc... he sometimes mentions things, but refuses to be clearer when asked. One other day I was telling that I was capable of being lucid during some dreams and asking a master for direct transmission of rigpa, within the dream. He said that someone capable of this would be rather advanced and could easily reach clear light of dream. When I asked for a definition of clear light of dream, he refused. When I asked for a method (in private), he refused. All these skillfull means are nonsense. But in some way I have no doubt he has a great realization. I just know he messed up things with me. Probably because he doesn't want me to be around and tell others how much he is holding back.
  7. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    Hi I'm sorry you didn't have the time to read my entire post, because I wrote "I don't say that anyone has to do like me". As for tummo and thogal, tummo is not theorically a prerequisite, but it is practically one. The difference is subtle yet real. Like preliminaries. Tenzin Namdak said one day that preliminaries were not required for dzogchen. Another day he said that very few people in the world could practice dzogchen without doing preliminaries. Now, one can think he is among these few people, that's fine with me. I'm just saying that it is highly improbable that 20 people in the same sangha are.
  8. What is desire? What is craving?

    Only if the knots of the central channel are loose enough. If they're tight, doing this will just create more karma, as do people who have kundalini awakening with a closed central channel. All these practices are tricky, one has to know exactly where he stands. But that's good that you explain the process, explanations from non qualified people is more useful than no explanations from qualified people.
  9. Unethical advertisments on the Bums

    Absolutely. Imagine you have a commercial site and your concurrents adverstising on your site. That's not possible. So you can ask Adsense to block URLs of your choice.
  10. Met an Enlightened Guy

    There are many ways of transmitting, words are not always the most effective, especially from people who don't know you and who don't have the same background. That's why indian masters don't bother with words. They give "darshan", which is direct contact from heart to heart. It can take many forms, Amma embraces you, other look you in the eyes, other touch you at different chakras... who knows. But they repair your subtle body, they give you light and love. For them, that's the easiest way to communicate and to help you. So, if you know an enlightened guy, you can sit with him, talk a little, ask him for his blessing, even ask him if he can show you directly what he's got. They have the power to do it.
  11. Met an Enlightened Guy

    You should ask him for darshan or direct transmission. This is the most effective way to get help from enlightened people, especially if you don't have common language/words/cultural background.
  12. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    That may seem strange, but at some point, you begin to see channels, winds and drops of other people. Which is much more interesting than auras... There are many things which are deadly to the channels, like drugs, alcohol and spiritism (channelling). And there are things which are really not good, like bad food, bad air, no exercise and emotional instability. The winds become sick, and as they are flowing through the channels, they create problems. Now I see that young people are beginning to suffer a new "sickness", which is a strong and global instability of the subtle body. The consequence is that they are afraid of all, especially of other people. I think that television and computers are the main cause. If you see television or video games, you can notice a permanent instability of the images, which creates the same in the winds. These are "shaking" "trembling", that's difficult to describe, but it is clearly damaging the channels. Remember than you can destroy walls and bridges with vibrations. It is easy to see weaknesses of the channels during pranayama. If you hold strongly your breath, prana will go astray in the weak channels first. A globally weak person won't be able to do strong pranayamas without severe prana imbalance. And they won't have much willpower anyway, because the will is depending on the channels. But they will have many spiritual experiences. Like a house with a hole in the wall. Anything can enter, light, thieves, wild beasts... And of course they're very good channels. As for the author of the article, it doesn't mean anything. I need to see people to know how they are.
  13. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    Our subtle body is made of very small channels, texts say 72 000 or more. In people like us, westerners, they've become very weak because of our way of life.