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  1. reading Chuang Tzu now thanks!
  2. Thank you,Zhuo Ming-Dao, I will look into these. I appreciate your patience, I suppose it is time for me to open my mind further and experience more before I can pass judgment. I have had a copy of dao de jing since I was in highschool, the rest are still undiscovered by me. I look forward to understanding more. thank you again for your thoughtful explanation. Where can I learn best about Yi mind?
  3. I think I would like to know both but for the purpose of what I already have a basic knowledge of the writings, I would like to understand the taoist ways first.
  4. Thank you, this makes sense to me I really needed some basis on why some of these things are so and I think you have given some clarity to them for me, I thank you for that. Is it possible to understand or learn the meaning of traditions of old? Where do I start? what do I read? I always strive for a big picture I am most likely more trying to achieve broad knowledge than enlightenment. Also my attitude that may seem very critical is only my nature of questioning everything and striving for knowledge. Thanks marblehead I think we share some of the same views, Though I am coming to the realization in the last few months that I am agnostic. I think the tao has been the greatest reference to life for me out of any religious text because it follows so closely to nature as do I without forcing a stringent idea of "god".
  5. Birth Control/Retention

    helping others, helps ourselves. You are right.
  6. Hello

    You are true, I am very aimless and at most times. I never like to choose sides and I never like to holdfast to anything. I guess I read almost everything about every religion and even following the tao I in the end am most likely agnostic, even though I hate labels and I can never choose one side or the other that might be the closest term to describe my views and the rationale of my reasoning. I do believe that the tao follows close to nature as do I and therefore I find it to be a very helpful reference to life. thanks for the welcome!
  7. Simply to live in the moment not be swayed by ideas that others create yet to look inside our own minds for virtue and answers, In the end the only person that makes or breaks your being is yourself. It is good to understand the ideas of others when there ideas are true yet when it is just handed down information it is tactless and hurtful. I think many people should delve into the true nature of human beings instead of striving for the path of enlightenment through the ideas of others or practices that make no sense to them. There are too many one sided completely liberal ideas that are only based on rhetoric of pseudo ideas. You can not experience kindness without understanding cruelty and vice versa. The way of the tao in my eyes is about complete balance. I fail to see where is says anything about being completely kind at all times or jumping to conclusions on sexual and remedial practices. These were only ideas that were tacked on. I fail to see where doing some sort of exercise or eating some certain herb is going to make me understand myself better. We cannot understand balance in the world before understanding balance within ourselves, we are the complete controllers of our own emotions. At the end of the day it is our ideas that we lie in bed and contemplate and we are the ones that can choose to grasp or release what we feel in our hearts is right or wrong it has nothing to do with chakras herbs martial arts retention or anything, it is pure it wont take any of those to achieve the same goal many of those practices in my eyes are only distractions. It is peace, hate, love, war, creation, and destruction yet it is all a part of our natural lives we should not deny the existance or the purpose of any good or bad. You dont need anything un explainable to understand the coarse of true human nature but when you can see everything for what it is in its simplest form it will give you more of an understanding than chasing ideas that the explanation is simply out of reach. I am in no way enlightened and I dont think I even am trying to achieve anything besides an understanding of human nature. Some of these things may work for some , and not for others, that is my point. Follow your heart, think for yourself, question everything, question everything, question everything, question everything. Did I say question everything? Also, I just want to say this is only my personal opinion I am in no way trying to offend anyone and if anyone can explain in a way that makes sense to me how I can benefit from other ideas of reasoning I am very open to understand.
  8. Birth Control/Retention

    this has to do with tao?

    Is it like the thing in napolean dynomite that shocks your balls?
  10. Personal Breakthroughs

    Conflict. Loosing everything. Knowing nothing. Being uprooted from any routine. New places. Complete detachment.
  11. I really wonder when I read through here how many people try and use the powers that are right in front of us instead of trying to rely on some "magical" property to do things for them? I suppose I am not full taoist as I do not think that unexplainable things will solve anything.................. I guess I look for factual information I strive too see explanation. I have said this before but again,Self knowledge is a more reliable guide to behavior than adherence to arbitrarily imposed standards. Instead of looking for answers that have no clear explanation why not look inside ourselves?
  12. Eat jars full of peanutbutter joke. Honestly though on the idea of not liking to eat animals do you think if you were a bug the chicken would say hmm im not going to eat you. Or if you were a reed of grass the cow would say hmm no thanks. I personally dont eat much meat only for the fact that I dont like the taste or texture more so but I still eat chicken mostly when I workout, I do avoid red meat for the most part I dont eat steaks or ribs or things like that but I do cook with ground beef on occasion. Now I do not condone the way most animals are raised for human consumption. The fact of the matter is however humans were made to be omnivores. In my honest opinion it isn't really following dharma to try to be or do something that is not intended for you. With that being said I do understand the feeling you cultivate why should something else suffer just so I can benefit? It is just the natural state of being that you have been given as a human. Maybe in some other life you can be an herbivore but until then I can only suggest doing what is intended. Just my opinion.
  13. Thick Black Theory

    I suppose the theory is too difficult for the pseudo types to grasp. It is something that is not left to the imagination it is nothing questionable of magics or mystics. It is pure human nature and some form of instinct that every person is born with and can harness, we only choose or have been taught to ignore. Thick black is more about unlearning than learning. Self knowledge is a more reliable guide to behavior than adherence to arbitrarily imposed standards. Here is a quote from thick face black heart that I think of daily and rings true in everything I must do in life. For anyone who thinks that practicing thick black is an "evil" or "dark" practice please read this and contemplate. "Discover the mystery within the staunchness of the oak and the yielding of the grass. The grass bends easily in the wind; the great oak stands unmoved. A strong wind can uproot the oak, but no wind, however strong, can uproot the grass that bends flat before it. The ideal practitioner of thick face, black heart is one who possesses thick face black heart inwardly, yet whose outward appearance can be dominating or submissive as the situation demands. He does not have a public or private image of himself to live up to or one that dictates how he must behave". Also again I must say do not take anything that guy Jonathan has to say about thick black seriously, he is about as pseudo as it gets and Im pretty sure is very one sided in his explanations that seem he himself may not even understand.
  14. Thick Black Theory

    Yeah from what I can tell he is just making it to be something it is not. It is a very powerful tool and insight to the true nature of the human spirit. I think there are many people here and in the whole world who only look at one aspect of life, good or bad. I am very sick about hearing the karma monster is coming to get you. Sorry thats about the equivelent to saying dont do that you will go to hell. Every decision in life will be different from person to person we all need to make choices for ourselves and decide for ourselves in our hearts what is good and what is right. Some achieve in there path of life through different means. We cannot go through our lives with the false virtue that tells us that every person we cross paths with we must be overly kind to or to "turn the other cheek" to every wrong doer, these are false virtues. Mahatma gandhi said, "Most think nonviolence is not to fight. On the contrary, nonviolence is the strongest creed of nonviolence is an extremely active force.It has no room for cowardice or even weakness. There is hope for a violent man to someday become nonviolent, but there is no hope for a coward."
  15. Thick Black Theory

    I think It all depends in how you use it and what it means to you.