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  1. Pain after Taoist seminal retention

    Thanks for all the responses. After reviewing what happened I think it was the non-completion of the energy sharing/exchange that led to the problem. My wife was not fully present so we stopped and just were with each other. I didn't think to circulate the energy within myself. I also did recall that this type of pain/cramp feeling I did have after normal sex as well a few months back. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I've been an avid meditator for over 16 years and practice chi gong/tai chi and just started to get into the Taoist seminal retention practice again. I first tried this about 2 years ago. This time I get it. It's been an amazing practice. I can honestly say I have no desire to release in the traditional way any longer. The degree of love and care and true partnership that I've experienced is amazing. There is energetic releases and soulfull oneness and this is the fullment to us. However, in the past when I tried this I would get too much energy to the sexual organs and needed to release in the traditional way. Now I have the orbit open so that's no longer the problem. My problem now is that I get an odd pain inside my perinium like I have to pee but if I do it's kind of painful but not painful more like a cramp of some sort. It feels like the pee and the seminal channels are confused and cramped?? I thought it was something trapped so I tried to release the traditional method and man that was challenging to do once the mind set is switched. I had to really focus and force it...NOT enjoyable at all. It was the oddest thing to keep having the energy cycle when that was not my intention!! lol (not sure how that will play out when we try to have a 2nd baby!!! lol) My question is what is this cramping pain and is there something wrong?? Thanks
  3. Hi, Jacob here

    Hi, Jacob here...just introducing myself. Have a few questions about my practice that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced and can offer some insight. Thanks!