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  1. Starting a Tai Chi practice

    Hi Matt....there is a ton of Yichuan, Yi Chuan, Zhan Zhuang, Da Cheng Chuan, etc. on Youtube. Just do a search.... You can also go to http://www.martrix.org/downloads.html for a pretty decent, best of all, FREE...e-book download on "Standing" as well as a number or others on Taoist philosophy, etc.....Enjoy!
  2. Great info on Clyman....I have seen his stuff on the web and it looks like what I have developed naturally, in my personal practice, but then stopped doing because I found that the energy that it creates was making me more aggressive. I should rephrase that. I still do this practice now and again, but now I do it mindful of the need for ending the practice by "smoothing out" my energy and doing a very quiescent chi gung practice for a few minutes before concluding the session....my family likes me a lot more when I do this :0) ....As to Clyman's personality....I have had the opportunity to meet a bunch of completely competent, and some excellent, teacher's, some of whom I liked, others, not so much and some were downright thugs...But as long as you're not searching for a "master Po vs. Grasshoper" relationship....it's all good....take what you find useful and dump the rest, including your teacher's less than pleasant personality traits....I hope my students do the same with my quirks and traits. Peace
  3. Nei Gong: Taoist Process of Internal Change

    Poor young fellow....Why don't we all show a little understanding and compassion here, instead of "lovingly" ripping his head off, for his own good :-) "My" Taiji is not "mine"....just like "my" life, is not "mine"....Taiji is too big for that ......yes, yes, we all have had teachers and hopefully are all still learning and evolving and maturing. There is something (though, not much, I believe) to be said for lineage and transmission and rankings and the rest, but I believe that there is much more to be said about sharing from your heart with good intentions. That being said, sure, it's important to "tell the truth" as far as your advertising and to teach the most "authentic" system that you can teach and only to teach what you have experienced yourself. Lastly, it has been my experience that teachers and students come together at a certain time, for a given time period, for a reason. I really don't "sweat" (though I used to) a student joining my group or leaving my group, as I know that I don't know, what may be "right" for any given student at a given time in terms of their "path" in the universe....(the two of us were clearly meant to meet and share for a time, since we did, and then a new time begins, where they may move on)... and that there is a much wiser and greater power than puny little me that "runs" the show.....so I wish them the best and always welcome them back. Peace and best wishes.
  4. Hi Russell777 Much like the Shikantaza meditation that Adam West explained....I would even go one step simpler and "just stand"....meaning what's sometimes called "standing meditation" or Zhan Zhuang (stake standing). In the simplest of postures, the "Wu Chi" or beginning posture. Take a look at Kam Lam Chuen's material....he's simple, thourough and offers a program to follow....Take a look at this book link here on Amazon. : http://www.amazon.com/Way-Energy-Mastering...5357&sr=8-1 "Standing like a tree" is a deceptively simple, but extremely rich practice, with much sweetness and bitterness...don't worry too much about "doing it right".....just do it....everyday.....it will repay you in spades. Best of luck. Peace.
  5. Ok I want the truth

    Hi Orb, I gave "my answer" to the inital question....and when you ask me, Why not? ....I would answer...ok, go ahead and search for special powers...I have no "problem" with that. Do I have "anything more interesting then that ?" Nope, nothing more interesting here. Peace.
  6. Ok I want the truth

    I have been on this "quest" for over 40 years, traveled far and wide for years, sought out "masters"...the whole nine yards (three meters, for my non-American friends :-))....this doesn't make me any different from everyone else....we're all searching and we've all got some type of "quest".....some just drop the naming of this and call it "life".....I love your energy, your desire and your forthrightness! ....Although I can attempt to embody, chew up and digest the lessons that I have learnt and I can share these, at times with family or students, the longer I live and evolve (not in any direction, lest you believe that there IS one that is best) i seem to feel deep down, that "everything is really ok"....The universe/Tao/me and you are just fine.....really.....it's ok to just.....rest....special powers, leaves, grass, cupcakes, are. ....not trying to be all "spooky" and "spiritual" on you.....just sharing. I can't "give" this to you or prove this to you, but I do send my love and best wishes on your journey...really. If I might, ask yourself.....Why?...what's the deeper reason to desire special powers or even to know if these "really" exist? .....how long has this desire been with you?
  7. Hello

    Hi all...new guy here....look forward to exchange of experience.