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  1. Please help

    What does that do Jinlianai? Maybe I don't want a barrier?? I want to access heaven when I sleep!!!
  2. Please help

    Thanks so much for the replies and offers to each of you. Good news, I figured out what it was thwat was cuasing the bad sleeps!! I had a flyscreen, from the previous tenants...well basically, that when they were told to be evicted they went nuts and trashed the place a little, hammered nails in the walls and horrible stuff I won't even say. Anyway, the flyscreen was covered with convcrete dust. I knew it was the culprit after one day I went to the window to grab some "fresh air", and my eyes and face reacted. Got it out, dusted it, and steam cleaned it, then steam cleaned it again, put it in a circle and chanted while sacrificing a goat!! And then had the best sleep of my life@!!! And then I was so energsied the next day I did some hard labor for a good 2 hours for the first time in ages, normally I'd be gasping after 30mins. Its like night and day the difference. Now, I still feel like I hneed some more sleep but that's fine I know I can sleep any time and wake feeling snourished afhhhh so nourished. What a wonderful feeling. So, to those of you reading this who are still suffering in any way and not having a good sleep, I suggest the following. {In a relaxed manner - don't become obsessive like I did}. Especially if you are extra sensitive like me, and/or have a weakened immue system. 1. Clean objects that may need the most cleaning. E.g rugs, flyscreens, even curtains 2. Be vigilant with this. Clean under your bed, move objects, clean behind them. Also clean your bed especially, sheets, pillowcases, even air your blankets and dust them from time to time. 3. If you are still having trouble, do a cleansing ritual and smudging with sage, you can also use the strenght of your mind to dispel any evil energies that choose to reisde in the house. "I release you from your place ment. please, go in peace so we can both move forward with our lives. I am only interested in gdoing good. If you need help I will help you" Or something like that. 4. If still having a bad sleep, consider the properties of the environment aroudn you. The walls might be painted in a lead-based paint {proably not nowadays, but hey}. I covered all my bedroom walls with bedsheets, and the wooden flooring with a landscaping plastic at one stage. 5. If none of the above works, try to discuss it here on the forums, but preferably with a good chienese medicine practioner who has at least 10 years of experience and still looks healthy. This will give you answers. Of course, the other thing to consider is, if you are stil not sleeping well, maybe its time to move on and take a leap of faith with your life, move out!! GEt a new lease on life lololol!!! Do all cleaning this to eliminate variables, but again, don't let it enslave you or your mind. Do it from a free perspective.! I am expanding and researching!! Learn more about my health, my life ahhhh!! Of course this is not a formula, the steps don't have to be in order, etc. Finally, also try to of course be positive about your sleep. Believe that you will have a good sleep. You deserve a good nights sleep, as a human being, one of the highest honors to be born as!!! Happy sleeps to all of you. Christoff edit: I did not actually sacrifice a goat.
  3. Please help

    Ps thanks thelerner! But if its mold I should be able smell it right? My smell is pretty good. Sometimes my dad sleeps in house and a friend who is mostly lives elsewheeee. My health is I am low stamina but positive overall and mentally stronger I can really get thriught a day yes at the very least I have realised from all this I can still get through a day EVEN WHEN BONE TIRED!!! Edit- the house is in quiet rural area with minimal sound etc. my mediaition is good if I can get my health better! Don't know how old the house is but I've done several cleansing a with white sage and also blessed any spirits still associated with the house and given them permission to leave so that we can both move forward on our journeys. I will email you somofthegods thanks
  4. Please help

    Thanks again for replies, Well I've done nearly everything as a good detective should to pinpoint what it is, if it is, that I am allergic to. The walls if the house are basically concrete bricks. So I'm guessing I might be allergic to concrete, is there a way I can test myself for it? (And would it be an honest test since I can see?) and where can you get allergy medicine I will look into this this could be great. Yes the ultimate thing is to work on my mind but to do that I need to find the thing that is making my eyes and sinus react! ...If I am imagining this with my mind then God help me!! Another thing I noticed is, it's hard to breathe deeply in this room. Outside, it feels great, ahhhh! But in this room, yuckkkk it's like breathing in a string of sticky dust or something, not nice. The cracking and such feelings are all internal and loss related feelings. Also my right eardrum cracks sometimes during day with pain or makes weird ringing noise.
  5. Please help

    Thanks guys, means a lot to have quick good feedback. To clarify, I was sleeping much better in a previous place, a month ago, with just normal sheets and blankets. I considered that it might be mental, but then, when I went to sleep for first night since returning from previous place, I remember thinking how quiet and peaceful it was (I live on farm here), and never once doubted that I would have a good sleep. The cracking and not-nice feelings, I couldn't really explain you'd have to feel it yourself, but are basically feelings of loss, I woke up feeling both angry, and sad, at same time, I started weeping actually! So, that's why I think this must be something serious. There is something in the room that I feel this heat and irritation on my eyes, I wish I knew why! I have cleaned and vacuumed the heck out of the room, sheets curtains pillow case removed rugs and dusted them and left them on the line in full sunlight for a day. Will post pic shortly. Edit: I do standing meditation and chi Kung, but struggle to get results as I think and worry a lot. The cracking feeling is located in middle of the head and currently I have a more painful cracking feeling in my right eardrum throughout the day. I have been diagnosed as yin-deficient by a good Chinese dr ( he said he couldn't help with this sleeping problem besides keeping room clean he said Feng Shui might not be useful as it might add to my worries)
  6. Please help

    Hi there, I know I posted in the past without replying but I'm not that guy anymore. I'm much smarter and mature but still, I have this problem. I have tried so much to counteract whatever it is, but I have these sleeps sometimes where it feels like a my head is beig cracked *boom!* and there is shaking in my spine and back (kidney energy?). I can only conclude that I might be allergic to whatever it is in the room. Other rooms are currently not feasible, moving is not feasible, and I tried a tent but it got too cold at night so I am starting to feel desperate like sleeping on the street or something. I tried anti-air pollution plants, air ionizer, salt lamp, humidifier, repainting walls with organic paint, cleaned while room and vacuumed and cleaned with damp cloth the only thing left is to buy a gas mask and sleep with it on. My eyes constantly feel dry and irritated when I'm in the house/bedroom, and I get a ton of mucus in the morning once I step outside, what does this mean? If someone has a perqment and viable solution and it works I will pay you 50$ please and i will honor it that's how much this means to me imagine you we're tired from work and went to get a good sleep but instead had cracked skull and shaking in body which wine you up repeatedly throughout the night how would you feel? Please hear my cries.
  7. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    But first to clarifying, since I am jing deficient the chinese Dr, who is smart and knows about the emissions at night, said to eat more well-cooked meat, and bone marrow soups. But some people here are saying that eating meat will just increase the emissions, vegetarian is best. This is the only thing I am confused. Should I eat the vegetarians? lol
  8. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    This is great replies, thanks everyone. I will replying in short time. Zhan Zuang is a good start, and I no longer feel so worried to emit, since opening channels is more important for in the beginning. This is great to know.
  9. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    Thanks for explaining the rule steam. Do you think it also important to clarify, the difference between excess yin or yang, and heat. Maybe it is just my words, I shouldn't saying excess, because I am just interested in clearing heat and nourishing deficient yin. Good soup advice, thanks. Also, bone marrow soup you have to boil bone marrow in a pressure cooker with balsamic vinegar so the acid is breaking down the bone matrix. Congee, and goji berries I am recommended too for Kidney Yin. Could you kindly explaining why you saying massage doesn't work for this? And do you having personal experience with testicle breathing on earthing, and what is the difference between testicle breathing with no earthing? Also what about barefoot on the bricks (which are sitting on dirt), is this effective? Thanks
  10. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    Thanks everyone these replies before xmas, it means much. I would like to combine the most effective methods together if possible to making the most effective and time-saving practice. Fulllotus/Scotty- can you combining the two, full lotus and embryonic breathing, for convenience and increased benefit? Fulllotus -You sound confident, from practicing full lotus? Congratulations it is the inspiring. What is the standing taichi exercise, and is it dangerous to practice if legs and back are sore or weak? I reading the forum here: Apparently you need to be able to open your small universe first to even think about doing full lotus. Is that true? And can you practice full lotus effectively with your eyes open (like for me, to using computer often), or is it only gaining benefits from when keeping them closed? Spirit- Ki6 I thinking good one too, the Chinese Dr said it also risky if I increase Kidney Yin too much, it will more easily create nocturnal emissions? Like eating meat? Tactile - I doing some more research and found these points too, great. Other points also lv2 (clears heat and nourishes heart), CV15, and sp6 (to store yin). I did not know about Li4, where did you find it information? I will soon posting more thanks, Christoff
  11. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    Acutally, Scotty I just think of possible reason. Because in the 5 element theory - lungs control liver (fire, from which I do a lot of computer work), AND nourish kidney deficiency. So, the deep belly breathing nourishing lungs as well as chi. But if you practice, can you kindly explain from experience? Does it helping with (if are having), your nocturnal emissions? This is important to me, because even though I am 31, my kidney is apparently already very drained.
  12. Clearing heart fire and sexual energy

    Thanks Scotty, could you explain the reason? Good info fulllotus. I am currently do the small universe from springforest but not the sleeping technique you describing, thanks. I would like to trying full lotus, unfortunately I do not have one or two hour spare, just 15mins, is enough?
  13. Hi, I want to decide whether to do testicle breathing. I have visiting the dentist so a little tired, but I hope this will be making sense. Basically, I am diagnosed as kidney deficient and having heart fire, which is still causing regular nocturnal emissions. After I asking him about testicle breathing, the Chinese Dr said not to as it may be a dangerous practice. But I researched it a little on the forums here, it seems effective to prevent emissions AND to use with chi kung practice. Because, I want to develop strong legs to do the chi kung, but cannot develop strong legs because of nocturnal emssion, and wanting to break this "cycle". I know a Mantak Chia Sifu in Sydney who offered to teach me, but it will be expensive. I am also practicing a variety of other techniques as mentioned here, if you can name it I doing it! But I do not obsessing over a particular thing, if I don't have time to do it in a day. So wanting opinions on: 1) Best ways to clear heart fire? Li4 and Li11 point massage, He 7,8 and 9. But that is all I can think. 2) Pros and cons of testicle breathing, is it worth the risk for me (and others). Pros: - Recycled sexual energy, sexual energy can reach the brain and also nourish my yin deficiency with the MCO practcie - Much less nocturnal emissions, so legs and back can get strong finally - Others? Cons: - I have spoke to some who have practiced and they advised that they still had nocturnal in-missions, so sperm stays in tubes. What happens if the sperm gets stuck in tubes for too long? Will they exploding? (Honestly, this is a biggest worry for me, otherwise I would practice straight away). - If practiced wrongly, energy blockages create. - Others Thanks Christoff
  14. Tough celibacy question

    Hi Goldleaf, I am similar practice. The thing you could understanding, that there is no "perfect method", only the method that works perfectly for you Avoiding damage is more important than saving jing though. Also, have the three hearts: 1.heart of faith 2.heart of patience 3.heart of perserverance Cheers Christoff
  15. reversing age

    Exactly! THank you TGV and Adept again for the thorough advice, I already feeling the benefit of ZZ