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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    This is one of your students, yes? Is this a health issue? Why is this person asking strangers on a forum about this? I followed the conversation here and have read through all these pages. I am very happy that I did not attend when you came to Italy. You are all crazy, tutti pazzi!
  2. Chi effects

    Seeing as it's a physical manifestation it might be a good thing to speak with someone who has experience with these things?
  3. Chi effects

    Is this healthy...all this speculating... Do you have a teacher you can speak with? Why are you asking here? Do you want us to agree with you, that it's a miracle or something supernatural?
  4. Chi effects

    I am sorry I made a joke of this. If what you are experiencing is true why would you post here looking for help and not instead ask your teacher? Do you have a teacher? This sounds like something that would be better directed to and answered by them.
  5. Chi effects

  6. Ciao A Tutti! Hello To Everyone!

    A Big Hello To Everyone! I found The Tao Bums while searching "Qigong". I would like to learn more about it. Ciao, Sofia