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    My experience is that I am able to go deeply into meditation and my health and energy has changed very much for the better. Before I begin practicing, I was often depressed, but my depression was gone within two months and never returned. Those are few of the simple benefits. Not unlike any good practice or martial arts. The teaching we got from David is very detailed and clear so I found it very easy to have confidence in what I'm doing. David also uses his energy to push the group into certain states so they have an experience to guide them when they are not with David. So that is a very unique and helpful part of his teaching. My immediate goal is to have more peace and joy in life and to go deeper into the practice. There are some article on the website for David that go into more depth about the short term goals and what one would experience when undertaking such practice. Look for the article on Sheng Zheng Gong. The long term goal for me is not something I worry about. I just try to stay committed to the practice and take it one day at a time. The goal is enlightenment. It appears these topics have been discussed many times, so I would only add that my experience has been positive and not at all what some have written. I hope we are all successful in our practice whatever that is and can be more united and mature so we can cultivate peace and enlightenment together as one Tao. We should work together to support and serve society, that is the point of Taoism.
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    Craig, I will write something this weekend when I have free some free time. I can try to just give some objective answers to other questions too.
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    Vortex, >>>If he's attained level 4, does that mean he has fused his dantian to his huiyin? And does he claim to be enlightened now?<<< David joined his yin and yang. Fusing the huiyin to the dantain, no. It means that he will take his yang chi when he dies and will not reincarnate unless he chooses. David never said he is enlightened. I would say he has a high level of realization. David has down played his achievement many times. He is not like John Chang. Level 3 or 4 is a good level, yes, you are immortal in a way, but it's still basic compared to John Chang. It's not as if you will live forever in a youthful body like Babaji or something. Immortals like that may well exist, but that is a very high, very high and rare. >>>I would also like to know more about Miao Xuan Tong Tao? What are the characters in Chinese? Miao = temple? What does its actual practice consist of?<<< I have not taken this course. It means way of enlightenment or tao of enlightenment. >>>Also more about Sifu Ji and Da Zhen's siddhis? Is any of this documented and does anybody else know about them?<<< Da Zhen is David's first meeting with an immortal. I don't know if these things are documented, but this is a valid teaching. I have had my own experiences with these beings and experiences in the seminars that are more than enough confirmation. Even if it is something that should not be intellectualized. Here is an article from the universal tao website about Da Zhen. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Hun Dun Wuji Tao-Ba Shen Chi-Organ Nei Kung-8/16/97-David Shen Hun Dun Wuji Tao is the Name of the Taoist lineagethat David has been recieving from Master Dacheng. This system is third generation teachings from a great Master in northern China. Master Dachengs' Master Dahuei is estimated as being around fifty thousand years old. Master Dasheng has declared that his Master Dahuei is not a human being, but rather a being descended from another plane. He is the last of a race on this earth who are called Sons of Reflected Light or Sons of The Star. This is a race of light beings. Made of light, immortal by earth standards. The rest of his brethren have returned to their own dimension thusly Master Dahuei is singular in his being here on earth. This race brought the nucleus of what has developed as the Tao today. Although the Tao has separated into various factions starting about two thousand years B.C., it's origins were founded in the this nucleus of original information. The system that follows is called Ba Shen Chi. This means the Eight Divine Breaths or Eight Immortal Breaths. This is a very straight forward system to attain control over the three levels of our being, physical, mental, and spiritual. This path is direct and extreme. The first part of the system is based on gaining strong control over the physical body using breathing techniques. Next is control over the mind using symbols. The combination of these two energies awakens the spirit. The first part of this practice is being revealed the same way it was passed down to David by Master Dacheng. Understand that, like the Tao, it is impossible to say whether these practices would have been taught in this order to another man. 12/1/97 - DAVID SHEN'S LINAGE : Hun Tuin Da Ji Shen Tao from Taoist Master Ta Jen and his Taoist Master Tai Wei (20,000 years old) which means the Tao is the Way from Northwestern China known as the Modern Internal Alchemy System around 16th Century. David first met his Master Ta Jen 12/1/86 through visions, then other people, then finally in person. David says these are the missing parts of the Healing Tao for the Immortal Practices and Master Chia says he knows them or remembers them but never taught them before, but will formally in the Winter Retreat 1999. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Mantak Chia does not know the teachings and this is just a an outline, but it may give a better sense of what the practice is like and who Da Zhen is. Things have changed some since then, but the idea is the same. >>>And given persistent rumors of some questionable business he really "still" an indoor disciple of Wang Liping? Or I guess my question is, has anyone actually taken a seminar with this guy and felt it was worth it? As opposed to just studying with the masters themselves or their "approved" teachers at a typically lower cost? Is it evident that David has any real attainments or aura in person?<<< David is very professional. My experience was always positive. It's better to go meet him in person and make your own judgment. Since David first started teaching there has been a controversy, but he has continued to teach that these things are real (immortals and siddhas) and can be experienced by dedicated students. The foundation teaching is Nei gong, as taught by Da Zhen. What I know of David's masters is that it's very hard to get advanced training from them, but they can help with empowerment and energy transfer to the student. Mostly they just give basic practices for health and wellness to the public. Which is very good too, nothing wrong with having good health. >>>Is it evident that David has any real attainments or aura in person?<<< Yes, of course. He has joined his Yin and Yang and his Shen practice is very strong so he can also give empowerment. Just by being in the room with him students can get a lot of help in their practice.
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    Xing Shen Zhuang, Sheng Zheng Gong 1 & 2, nei gong 1. I have not taken the Miao Tong Dao seminar as this is the first time it will be offered that I have heard of. David is very professional. What was taught was very clear, solid material. The teaching comes from David's nei gong master Da zhen. I only heard about Wang liping after I met David and had already attended his seminars. Some of the things Ken wrote I'm reading for the first time, so I don't know much about it.
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    I took a seminar with David. I'd be happy to weigh objectively in if there are questions.
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    Hi, I was in China with David Verdesi as a student. Happy to answer any questions.