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  1. New movie - HIV is not the cause of AIDS

    I'd like to see the people who claim this to put the money where their mouth is, by injecting themselves with live HIV virus or contaminated blood. If their claims were true, it would surely be a principled stand at no cost to them. Yet they do not do so. Why?

    Great stuff, thanks. I didnt realize there was quite so much free stuff out there. I've been thinking of giving subliminal tracks a try. But I can't help but wonder if people put in some "other" subliminal messages that are not advertised. Do you know if this is something to be worried about? I think I will be giving the isochronic tones a shot. Are there any that you found particularly effective?
  3. Hello

    Hello, I've been lurking here for a short while and am impressed by the knowledge here. I hope to improve my health, wellbeing, and overall performance as well as to learn more from the people here.