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  1. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    Not leaving just letting the avatar and the purpose behind it go away - been slowly getting around to it for the last week or so, but things like work keep getting in the way - while at the same time can't help but jump into the discussions.
  2. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    I think it is worth noting too that the teachers here, are here to facilitate students as well as other more professional pursuits ; not here as individuals to just discuss and banter back and forth. I know when I was in that position there is an assumed authority and for effeciencies sake you don't want to be bogged down with a ton of questions. Just give the answer and move on. I think when they bump into folks that are not looking for professional advice or may not be interested in thier particular authority, ...who don't just take an answer on their authority, it can become frustrating and I guess if you are a bit sensitive that would become defensiveness... I try to give them that latitude. It becomes a different game when that "professional advice" wanders out of their area of expertise.. say into assessment of the person or assumptions as to what a persons true intentions are etc. (esspecially if that proclaimation is assumed to be from spiritual awareness or some other nonsense). The ones here not as their students can find that a bit over the top and react defensively too. I think over time I would have knee jerk reactions and get defensive if I was here with as an expert and a bunch of folks didn't accept that... What I find obvious is the defensiveness or assumption that certain people are always there just to attack etc. or are always reacting from a certain agenda. I remember once posting a question to a teacher. He had made a statement which I thought was really insightful... the reaction was really hostile - that I was trolling him out to discredit him. It was just the opposite... I think if anyone (teacher of not) is operating from that mindset, then they need to take a break. No matter how many words we've read from other people- we do not know who they are. Our assumptions on their intentions or agendas reveal as much to us, if not more, about who we are than who they are. Its at a point now where I can't post at all without it being assumed that I'm attacking "teachers"... but I have picked up those battles in the past, and I don't take a person's authority on title alone (behaviour is important) so I guess it is not unreasonable to expect people to react that way... all the more reason for -o- to fade way. I think the best is just let them say their piece and move on - the rest of us bantering types seem to get along just fine. And it is from that ilk that I find the best insight aswell.
  3. Miraculous Messages from Water

    If I remember correctly, the perr review had difficulty in forming adequate crystals at all, like 1 in 500 might be worth looking at. So the consensus I believe had more to do with chance than consciousness.
  4. Mongols Conquer Europe in 1241!

    Eastern religions have always been very good at "absorbing" the ideas and icons of other religions when they move into those areas.... for instance in Northern India and Nepal there isn't a big distinction between Budhism and Hinduism - they pray at each others temples etc... and Buddha is considered to be one of the 5 Vajrasatvas - but so is Jesus... There are some who think Early Christian teaching have seeds in the east as well,,, that Christs "lost year" were actually spent traveling thorugh the east as far as southern tibet and the resurection is actually him executing the Rainbow body.... Anyway - might be an interesting twist is to play with what a "hybrid" religion or sect would look like considering these things....
  5. I think any thread with a title like this one is drivel (whether for or against the person) and posting off topic - way off topic - is probably doing us all a favor... I found your off topic posts to be more valuable than anything which could be said on the topic... KL threads have proven to be a "no holds barred" topic area anyway.
  6. I quite often do... in fact my first few months was with the single intention of future readers... but well as things went I ended up removing them - but might archive some of the ones whcih weren't context specifc - thought it would be appropriate for my last few days here. well said
  7. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    I represent myself and no other. Yourself and 5ET represent the schools you have worked hard to build, the lineage you have had the honor to be a part of, and the student body to which you councel. When you engage in pettiness like this it, it is not about the disrepect to the person you are speaking with, but the disrespect you are showing to the honored role which you hold. It spits on the divine aspect which you are attempting to facilitate.
  8. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    THe internet also give people an idea of how teachers behave to other, how they handle adversity etc. No need for good karma, or essence of the tao to see when people have respect, or demand it.
  9. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    I personally am not impressed with these major teachers. Seems really defensive, taking things really personally.... sheesh. I doesn't, to me, seem lke indication of self mastery at all... just arrogance; there doesn't appear to be any intention toward shareing or education - just "being right". But hell, who am I or anyone else to say, seen as we are not "major" in anyother way then as a pain in the a$$ of the "teachers". 5ET YM, I use to respect both of you. Now all I can do is shake my head. That passive aggressive enough?
  10. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    Well it's your right to see thing as you do. I want to ask you a question and please know it is with the upmost, heartfelt sincerity that I ask it. Are you okay?
  11. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    I hate to say this... I read Way's question to be sincere, worded respectfully and focussed on the concept not as a question of anyone credibility or authority. I find this response to be the exact type of behaviour meant by the connotation of a "typical TTB'er". If someone questions, or even disagrees - it is not an attack on credibility or authority. It is better to focus on the words written and address it at face value than to try to dig in and infer personal motives. Whenever there is a response which switches focus from the written content to personal motives the conversation decays into personal arguments. We are equals here, furthering each other’s beliefs, understanding, even thought processes through two way conversation, including debate not in spite of it.
  12. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    I think the confusion might be the association of the terms "Spirit Guides", "Ascended Masters" with new age movements.