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  1. Haiku Chain

    my red face aglow after drinking too much beer... one more for the road
  2. Haiku Chain

    it's feline, ok-- a spirit deserves respect even when homeless (Some backstory: I was walking to the store early in the day, when I came across a dead cat on the sidewalk. It was black and slumped over and seemingly disembowled, with its guts strewn about in front of it. I don't mean to sound crass, but it has bothered me all day. This cat's death was not natural, and I am not in an area with stray dogs. I think someone killed it and left it there, deduced by the placement of its body. I gave it a buddhist prayer, and I hope its spirit finds rest. Sometimes, this life is too taxing to bear...)
  3. What is your opinion on "human nature"?

    our enemy is human nature itself.
  4. Haiku Chain

    food for the ego, maya craves the delicious... I say, "starve the beast!"
  5. Haiku Chain

    between yin and yang an unfathomable truth may reveal itself
  6. Haiku Chain

  7. Haiku Chain

    (previous line neither fits traditional haiku/senryu scheme, nor can poetically link to anything else) a thin crescent moon hanging near the horizon on a cool spring night
  8. Lily Of The Day

    You have such a green thumb... may it continue to bring beautiful life into this world.
  9. Sword chucks yo

    The item linked in the top post appears to be a replica of a fictional work. Before buying any weapon, it is advisable to research background info on the forge. How this "sword-nunchaku" here is only priced at $30, it is meant for wall-hanging purposes. If someone tried to practice with it or used it in defense, they are more likely to injure themselves. Although the edge can still cut, the blade is usually of weak construction, made from low-grade steel.
  10. Withdrawing the senses

    I've heard good things about the sensory deprivation tanks... although it would be costly to install and maintain one in your own home, there are a few places where you can use it for an hourly rate. Joe Rogan on the virtues of an isolation tank:
  11. Haiku Chain

    no hint of color, a distinctive lack of hue... the aura of death
  12. Haiku Chain

    thoughts, heavy as lead... after some transmutation it is light as gold
  13. Haiku Chain

    there is no difference in falling or melting snow; the constant is change