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  1. mercury tooth filling removal

    Good plan, no doubt about getting them out! Last year I had 14 amalgam fillings removed by a biological dentist in the Netherlands. It took around 10 months before they where al removed with coverdam etc. She first replaced all the bad/old fillings. Then she only wanted to do 1 row at the time end she wanted a few weeks in between. I kept from each filling a little piece, each filling might have a slight different make up. And with a bio resonance practioner I can test how far I am in the detox of the heavy metals. In the beginning of October 2011 the third row did get removed. Weird thing was that I realised in the evening that something was switched off. Like a radiosender off station.It has not switched back on. When the last row was gone. I started allso on a 'Barlauch" garlich liquid a teaspoon a day. and chlorella. I am still on a high dose chlorella and do hot baths.Every week I improve. The reason that I did get them removed was all so to conquer chronic Lyme. Now, when I brush my teeth I feel so pleased with my white mouth no gray shining through. Unfortunately I had not enough money to get ceramic inlays. But If you are young and have not a lot of fillings to replace.... that might be away too go. O and I think that a liver cleanse a la A. Morritz is smarter to do before the removals then after. Good Luck
  2. What languages do you speak?

    I speak Friesian Dutch English German and a little French. And wouldn,t mind learning Esparanto. Currently living in China. And tried to learn Mandarin in the Kantonese province Guandong. At the moment it seems to hard to learn. I have had access to most topics here at the taobums. I do get censored when I go to FG related Topics on this site.
  3. Visited in dream?

    "with a black mustache and full head of hair. He was chanting--it made no sense, and didn't really seem to be any actual language--it sort of sounded like the way water sounds when you pour water into a half full bucket. It was like-'yodiyodi yodi odi yodl odi' like a sort of blabbering, but purposeful. It had a deep sound to it, and a slight but noticible reverberation. " Hi, This reminded me of a CD I like to listen too by "Daan van Kamphout" a sjamaan. He has developed "Systemic Rituals" thereby he uses allso the singing/chanting for healing in the large groups. This type of purposeful singing he heard /hears in his dreams. When you go to his website, one song starts. Wish you a good journey. Sjoukje
  4. Ni Hao

    Hi, I have been looking around for a while as a guest. It is time to become a member Currently living in the Guandong province of China. My husband works here for a railway project. For years I have been practising Iyengar yoga. The last three years it didn,t work anymore for me. After the sessions I would have lots of restless energy in my head. That brought me in the Healing Tao. Inner smile , 6 healing sounds etc. I must say that their was an improvement but a new restless sensation of rough energie was ruffling around my heart maybe the microcosmic orbit, blocked. Thus I decided to take it slow and make sure I do get grounded although I often wonder how that should look like. 2 months ago teacher Allan teached me some Chi-kung forms it feels good they are reminding me of Iyengar. And he teached me some relaxation postures to relax the heart area. It works. It feels I can stick with it for a while. I am suprised how many paths there are...... to explore. I suppose it is a journey and I go my own steady slow way. Maybe we meet. Sjoukje