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  1. Meditation driving me nuts

    Fiveelementtao is right, you gotta have intention. The goal of adept meditators is some objective of internal alchemy. What is the intention of your meditation? Capital is also on the money. You should embrace your faults in order to control them. Your mind may be discursive only because you have been trained with discursive thinking patterns. Since you want focus, allow the "emptiness" between your thoughts to become longer and more consistent, like watching a movie from an old film projector on the screen which is your mind. When you allow the "emptiness" between thoughts to become consistent, you will notice that it is not empty, but there are messages there waiting for you in the form of symbols. Secrets of the Ninja by Ashida Kim provides an excellent warm up exercise to get you into the meditation state or Kuji Kiri which consists of nine intentions or Kuji Kiri Kanji based in the eight extraordinary vessels and the pingali of Tantric Yoga. The ninth intention is to awaken your kundalini or "magical" powers. Some people say that Ashida Kim is a charlatan; I say he's a white boy who knows ninjitsu. His book is available free online. You can also look up HealingMindN Meditation for Healing Thoughts, Healing Minds.
  2. Have you ever tried Tenaga Dalam? It's the "qigong" attached to Pencak Silat. The exercise is very intense for spiritual cleansing. You call on aspects of God to draw them into you. You use vibrotic power with breath control to polarize the blood. It's also called Tridaya Inner Power. I never sweat doing qigong before. I guess because it's attached to a hard style. There's also Wu Dao Toughening; that one is really crazy, but is especially good for medical waigong / neigong practitioners as well as hard style martial artists.
  3. Introduction: HealingMindN

    Hello Everybody, I'm here to share my knowledge while absorbing extra knowledge posted here like a freshly dried sponge in the ocean. Or would that be an empty vessel? I am a student of internal martial arts and their attached styles of qigong. There are a few hard styles that interest me like Shaolin Kung Fu and Pencak Silat. I also study esoteric forms of meditation and psychic self improvement. Like the priest says, "Life up your spirits, everyone rejoice and give each other health, wealth, well being, peace, happiness, and freedom." Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN