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  1. Taoism and the status of women

    what you ask is to pull a bucket of water from the river and study can study it...but it will not be TAO you study. You cannot extrapolate the whole by studying a part. As soon as you say "this" or "that" then you are not studying Tao. you may as well ask if the universe is egaliterian/gives rights to females..
  2. Can anyone help

    T81 I thank kinda overlooked feng shui...excellent...given me something tao to look into
  3. Can anyone help

    Thank you for your reply T81...Trouble is am beginning to actually desire these things....believing these things will allow me to enjoy my surroundings more. Is it important for a taoist to have a nice environment to "be" in i wonder.....having bought a sleigh-bed, im now looking for matching bedside cabinets!! Boy do I need help
  4. Can anyone help

    Spot -on Marblehead!!! ( although me girl says you are a cheeky bugger) Will stay well...u too
  5. Can anyone help

    I've very recently began to think seriously about purchasing a matching curtain and duvet set and looking on the Argos website for bargains.....I know we are not meant to be "into"material things but I cant seem to help it...should I "go with the flow" or fight against it? p.s I live with a girl and think it may be her influence..what should i do???
  6. How to commit suicide?

    Yeah,its all a dead loss.
  7. Live Chat

    I think the chatroom is brilliant...i often go in there and just sit...its a lovely quiet space....would be nice to bump into ppl from time to time tho.
  8. unfreakinbelievable

    Thanks for the link Froggie...we'll keep watching
  9. Is anal sex unhealthy?

    Now that I gotta admit was v v funny
  10. The collected works of Blissmusic

    i liked the illustrations Vortex...u got a link for that stuff?
  11. ........

  12. Perception...

    The truth is out there..we just have to learn to see it
  13. Hi All'nt it always nice to find somewhere lively where kinda like-minded ideas can be special fave is chuang-tzu...discovered him for myself all by myself and was a bit wowed...since then i've been doing this and that....what else is there to do? but i tell you what..this tao lark does free up your mind a bit..I call myself "perhaps" because of a story in the chuang and because it makes me feel and remember balance with equanimity..i think it's my favourite word., perhaps...well, it might be ....i try to think of yin and yang as my parents ...yoda is a great creation,kind of a cross between siddhartha and the present Dalai Lama.............a n y w a y s.......hello!