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  1. What are your favorite Star Trek episodes?

    I'm a big fan of Trek (also new here so Hi) Here's a few favorites of mine that pop into my head: The Inner Light (as mentioned above, love that episode so I had to mention it again) The Survivors Tapestry Masks Chain of Command I, Borg Time's Arrow The Measure Of A Man Captain's Holiday Sub Rosa Pen Pals All Good Things... (the final episode. another Q storyline that bookends things in a nice way for the series, IMO)
  2. Hi All

    I joined a while back but just got around to posting. So, Hi anyone that reads this Looked like this would be a fun place to be part of. I am from Southern Arizona and have been a spiritual seeker of sorts and self described religious/spiritual philosopher for over 15 years. My desire to find a more spiritual side of this life has led me to study and involve myself in an eclectic mix of religious and philosophical paths over the years - I have dabbled in a little of everything while journeying though the theological and philosophical landscape of our world, and I feel I am all the better for it. I've stumbled into Taoism around 9 years ago -- around the time I was getting in to meditation, yoga, qigong and dabbling in Buddhism -- and right from the start I could tell that Taoism was very in sync with the way I think. Ultimately I think I have sort of made my own little belief set which is most heavily based on Taoism, but borrows from many of the other paths I have studied (It works for me just swell ) I hope to learn some new things and maybe make some friends here. Sometime soon I want to take up Tai chi so I may need some ideas on the best places to get started on that in So. AZ. if anyone else from here is from that area - guess I will ask about that when the time comes. Anyway that's all I've got right now, ~Carrick