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  1. Hello from Maine

    Willem Dafoe is one of my favorite actors and yes ice fishing is a big sport in Maine. However the milder winters due to global warming may make the sport obsolete. I live in the interior of the state- Auburn. My sister and her husband live on an island 8 miles offshore- they fish for lobsters and boy it is a beautiful locale. It is a bit isolated as you must take a ferry or have a boat to get there. It is a great place to practice Chi Kung with the clean air and ocean surrounding you. A great locale to pracitce Tummo in the winter if you know how ( I don't).
  2. Hello from Maine

    Hello from the state of Maine. I just jumped into Chi Kung and Nei Kung in August and ran across this forum in my surfing on Chi Kung and Nei Kung. The quality of discussion and the topics covered in this forum is great and the cast of characters posting is fascinating. I am working on my practice and I will use this forum for inspiration and information and contribute whenever I can.