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  1. Saw this posted on another side ( and thought there would be some interest here. From the front page: Emotionally Vague is a research project about the body and emotion asking: how do people feel anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love? In order to answer this, a simple survey was developed, the results of which were compared and combined to reveal patterns of feeling. This site shows some of these outcomes. Over time, the methods used may be developed into a theraputic tool, or a means of representing group feeling in an interactive, participatory manner. These are the questions asked in the survey. The combined results were pretty interesting... Q1: What makes you feel each of the emotions? Q2: How do you feel these emotions in your body? Draw anything you wish. Q3: Where do you feel these emotions in your body? Draw one spot only. Q4: What colours do you associate with these emotions? Refer to numbered colour chart. Q5: Do your emotions have direction? If yes, draw arrows. Sorry if this is old news, I searched and didn't see it, so enjoy.
  2. One Two Three

    This is a good point, they are all intertwined as well as being several meaningful ways to interpret the passage on different physical/energetic levels. The definition I posted earlier is best understood in the context of the birth/genesis of the universe. Spatial/temporal reality is the platform of substance (where there is not matter, it is understood there is just space/time). The function is the method of change in dual polarity (known as yin and yang). Creation and evolution occur (leading to the 10,000 things) upon/with/by way of matter and energy obeying the physical laws (the three) that are brought about by the polarity (the two) within reality (the one). These all are levels leading to the Tao, like water going down a drain. After an attempt to explain, it seems less clear...
  3. One Two Three

    This is an excellent passage, and MatthewQi points to the idea that was made prominent when I was discussing it with a fellow student. The Tao is the origin in the sequence of creation. In R.L. Wing's Tao of Power, it is mentioned that this refers to the origin of the universe. "Tao produced the one: spatial/temporal reality. One produced the two: opposite charges of energy known as yin and yang. Two produced the three: matter, energy, and their binding physical laws." This seems similar to the Zhongli quote earlier, but the commentary in the Tao of Power has a theme of pointing to the understanding of the origins of the universe as a way of understanding the Tao. Is this chapter a good interpretation of the answer to the question "what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?"
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    There is always the Master Executioner who kills. To substitute for the Master Executioner in killing Is like substituting for the Master Carpenter who carves. Whoever substitutes for the Master Carpenter in carving, Rarely escapes injury to his hands. Ch. 74 - Tao Te Ching "Lao Tzu's analogy in this passage...encompasses the damage that leaders will suffer when they exercise authority that does not reside either in themselves or in the organization. Any laws, restrictions, or punishments that inhibit the natural growth and independent development of the human mind will destroy both the organization and its leaders." Commentary and Translation by R.L. Wing - The Tao of Power
  5. Newness

    Hi everyone, After reading a few threads this seems like a place where people are actually making and sharing some real progress. There were some comments about trance states that were extremely helpful with my own Tao practice, so joining the discussion seems like the right thing to do. Plus, the group that I practice with has been mentioned a few times. There's so little information that even long time adepts don't have much info. Or maybe they just say that... As for myself, I originally studied strength-based martial arts (Shotokan Karate, Northern Shaolin) for a couple years, but these didn't quite hold my interest and I didn't practice anything for several years. Then, I had the immense fortune to meet someone involved with a small group that practices a Tao-based martial art that seems similar to Tai Chi Chuan. After several months of waiting for approval from the Sigung and getting to know my new friend better, I was finally allowed in. After two full practice sessions, something clicked. There was a sense that every experience of my entire life was leading up to that point. If I hadn't moved to a new city, dropped out of college, and several other things that would be considered fairly embarrassing hadn't happened, I wouldn't have the job where I happened to meet this one person out of 8 in the US that practice the Tao in this way. I've been practicing for about a year and a half and it's been difficult because of some of the strange experiences I've had, but I find it's easy to grow when I communicate with others on a similar path. Like others, I also think it is time to share some of the deeper truths with more people if they are ready. So that's about it for why I'm here. Thanks to FatherPaul for being erudite, I hope you are able to return to the boards. And also to Sean, these boards likely take a lot of effort and many people find them useful. -Tripcomputer